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Earth Day Highlights and Pictures!

Happy Earth Day to everyone! I hope you were able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, and I hope you were able to give back even just a little something to the earth too. I’m delighted to report that there is a lot going on at Penn Charter this week to celebrate Earth Day/Week! Here are some highlights and pictures from today...

  • The US Green Club hosted a screening of No Impact Man, a poignant, funny, and thought-provoking documentary about a family trying to go zero-impact for a Manhattan. Students and faculty alike agreed it was an excellent movie in general, not just for a Green Club. Put it on your Netflix queue (and there’s a “clean language” version as well)!

  • The LS classes are going on hikes in the Wissahickon this week.

  • The 1st grade is collecting an assortment of materials to “upcycle” through their TerraCycle campaigns. (a future blog posting will be devoted to this awesome project).

  • The Green Club practiced setting up tents to prepare for our camping trip in May.
  • The pre-K looked for signs of spring in Chigwell today (very, very cute!).

  • The US Green Club is leading a hike through the Wissahickon for all interested students, faculty, and families on Friday. Meet in the front loop at 2:40.

  • The US Green Club is hosting it’s annual E-Waste Drive on Sunday. From 10:00am - 2:00pm, bring your e-waste to the MS lot and rest assured that your electronics will be recycled/disposed of responsibly.

Hope you all have a terrific week!

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