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Green Club Goes Camping!

Campfires, s’mores, fireflies, tents, hikes. The US Green Club is finally scrubbed clean after a weekend of camping in Ralph Stover State Park. Though we were less than 1.5 hours from campus and were “in the wild” for just 26 hours, it felt like we were on a different planet for days, IN A GOOD WAY! We took a hike down to the raging torrent of the Tohickon Creek, which was dramatically flooded due to a huge storm the night before. Though the raging river blasted our fishing dreams, it was awesome (in the truest sense of the word) to behold the power in that river. We also took a hike to High Rocks, one of PA’s premier rock climbing destinations, to scout out possible future climbing trips. And after a vegetarian camp dinner (do NOT knock tofu-dogs until you’ve tried one of ours with the works!), we sat around a campfire eating s’mores and laughing. It was magical. The group bonding and natural beauty inspires us to aim higher and further next year; we hope to undertake a 3-day trip in an even more pristine wilderness. I’ll let the following pictures tell the rest of the story.

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Announcing The PC Green!

Green Apple Day of Service (students with trash)Hellooooo, Penn Charter! This post marks the first entry in what will be a regular blog about environmental issues, ideas, events, etc. First and foremost, this will be a forum to communicate ways in which PC teachers, staff, students, and families are taking care of the environment. On and off campus, in big and little ways, Penn Charter is focused on stewardship and sustainability and is committed to reducing our environmental impact.  We’re also taking a look at our curriculum to celebrate the sustainability lessons we’re currently offering as well identifying natural ways to bolster and expand on this. I’ll use this blog to bring these good efforts to you, no matter where they’re happening on campus.

I’ll also give you a heads up about some of the wonderful nature-y things going on around us. Surrounded as we are by the Wissahickon, the Poconos, the Chesapeake, and the shore, we are lucky to have a lot of natural beauty in which to bask. Whether through a school-sponsored trip or some outside opportunity, I’ll pass along any special events that come across my desk. Check the calendar feature (coming soon!) if you’re looking for something on a particular day. Please send me the ideas you come across as well! And if you have a particular place/talent/project that you would like to share with our community (a favorite park, a hike you'd like to lead, a bird watching trek, etc.), I’d love to help you put something together.

Big hike, backs, stream at RittenhouseI’ll also not shy away from the bad news. Let’s face it, the reason we’re all interested in these issues is because things aren’t going so well from an ecological and environmental perspective. Lakes, rivers, oceans, forests, marshes, grasslands; many of our natural areas are in pretty dire straights in one way or another at this point. I’ll pass along articles and research that helps us understand both the scope of the problem and the possible paths towards healing. Again, feel free to share these stories with me and I’ll pass them along as I can.

I hope you find this blog informative and helpful. My goal is to post at least weekly; sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. As always, I welcome feedback, comments, and support! If you'd like to follow this blog (and I hope you do!), please sign up for the RSS feed by clicking on the orange button at the top of this post.

Have a terrific Spring Break!


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