Five Ways to MAke a Gift

Annual Fund

The school's number one fundraising priority, the Annual Fund provides significant and immediate annual revenue to fund our highest priorities. The Annual Fund allows for a flexible response to the school's needs; it builds up the school's "checking account" of expendable monies and allows the school to preserve its endowment or "savings account" for sustainability of Penn Charter for generations to come.

Capital Gifts

Following the enormous success of the Frameworks for the Future campaign, Penn Charter will continue to encourage large, one-time capital gifts toward major building or endowment projects at the school.

Tax Credit Programs

EITC and OSTC provide a tax credit to businesses that pay Pennsylvania's corporate income tax for contributions to organizations that give private-school scholarships to eligible children. A Pennsylvania business may direct up to $300,000 of its Pennsylvania state tax dollars directly to Penn Charter's scholarship program for tax credit.

Endowed Funds

Penn Charter manages its endowment, which totals nearly $60 million, as a private individual might manage a savings account: The principal is invested, and the money realized by those investments is available for spending or for further savings. Each year, Penn Charter uses endowment earnings to pay for more than 7 percent of the school's operating budget, thus significantly reducing the amount of tuition the school would need to charge to pay for the cost of the program. The remaining return on investment is added to the principal so it can continue to grow. A considerable portion of Penn Charter's endowment is comprised of about 250 separate and distinct endowed funds. Of these funds, half are designated specifically to support financial aid or faculty salaries. For a complete list of all the named endowment funds, click here.

Planned Giving

These gifts provide general and endowment support to Penn Charter through bequests, annuities and charitable remainder trusts.

Why Give
to Penn Charter?

More than three centuries ago, William Penn envisioned a school available to all students, regardless of economic means. To accomplish this goal, Penn asked his wealthy contemporaries to support students for whom the price of an education would have been out of reach. Penn Charter continues to rely upon the generosity of our alumni, parents and friends to keep tuition at a reasonable level and encourage the socioeconomic diversity that is central to the mission of the school.

For generations, current Penn Charter students have benefited from the generosity of alumni who came before them. Why give back to Penn Charter? To show appreciation for the education you, or your child, grandchild or friend has received, and to make a powerful statement about our community’s belief in Penn Charter.

Giving to Penn Charter is a way of showing loyalty to the school. Both alumni and parent participation are a powerful statement about our community's commitment to Penn Charter. Thank you for your support and trust in our school.

Jack Rogers Hon. 1689
Chief Development Officer

Penn Charter

A Friends School for Girls and Boys, Pre-K to 12

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