1999 Athletic Honor Society Inductees

Distinguished Service Award

Phillip M. Maroney Hon. 1689


Lawrence N. Wight
Clinton A. Strong
William A. Gallagher


1957 Football
1958 Baseball
1971-72 Basketball


Colson Henry Hillier OPC '31
G. Lester Blankin OPC '40
J. Weir Sargent OPC '41
George E. Davidson OPC '44
William Balderston, III OPC '46
Norman C. Moore OPC '46
Richard Reifsnyder OPC '46
Arthur J Frohner OPC '48
Richard Fay Hazard OPC '49
John N. Park OPC '49
Charles C. Rieger, Jr. OPC '51
C. Andrew Schaufier OPC '53
Michael E. "Ted" Cushmore OPC '58
Edwin A. Weihenmayer OPC '58
A. Merrick Barnes, Jr. OPC '59
William A. Stuart OPC '61
Glenn J.R. Whitman OPC '70
Terrence P. Dowling OPC '79
Glenn W Tilley OPC '80
Anthony R. Resch OPC '81
Brian W. McCloskey OPC '82
Patrick John Maley OPC '86
Eric K. Dollenberg OPC '91
J. Courtney Batts OPC '93

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