Performing Arts at Penn Charter

Mission Statement

In keeping with the Quaker philosophy that there is "that of God in everyone," we in the performing arts department believe that there is "that of a performer" in everyone. It is our mission to encourage and develop skills and create opportunities that provide our students with a positive experience across an array of performance disciplines. We believe that students in every division should have a fundamental and meaningful experience that prepares them for a future of participation and performance in music, theater and film.

Philosophy of Practice and Performance: Process vs. Product

  • Looking for growth and best effort, not perfection. Our students should have a sense of the arts- room for growth and change.
  • Use traditional methods of the past while incorporation technology of today. We want our students to have an understanding and appreciation for both.

At the end of the day, we hope our students will feel that their experiences in the arts at PC have been positive and productive. We hope that we have helped to lay a foundation of skill, knowledge, and experience, which our students will take with them after they graduate and will continue to cultivate for life.

Discipline Specific Instructional Goals

Our instructional goals include building a foundation of skills that supports understanding and apprecition for the Performing Arts.

  • Lay the foundation for music literacy
  • Develop confidence that comes with technical skill, understanding of concepts, and routine rehearsal
  • Help students see value in artistry: employing musical controls like dynamics, phrasing, and tempo to communicate expression, or learning to improvise and create.
  • Develop skill necessary to perform in ensembles of various sizes and types – from concert band to small drumming groups in MS music.
  • Provide variety of avenues and venues for variety of performances and styles of performance including: calendar year’ concerts/plays/the musical, jazz band festivals, small ensemble concerts, a cappella fests, Showcase 109, Carnival – Battle of the Bands, Lower School enrichment instructional ensembles such as hand bell choir and guitar class and Upper School Travel Choir.
Theater and Film Making
  • Public Speaking
  • Acting
  • Directing
  • Writing for stage and screen
  • Set Design and construction
  • Working with all technology needed for live performance
  • Working with all the technology required for recorded performance
  • History and philosophy behind various media (especially film) such as racism, sexism and other isms in film that have had impact upon our popular culture.

Course of Study

For a list of academic offerings, view the Upper School Course of Study.

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