PC Hosts Environmental Sustainability Conference continued

by Jonathan Howe

Continued from P.C.P.D.

I’m happy to report that the event was a terrific success, measured not just in the quantity and quality of the ideas generated, but also in the connectivity of the attendees. United by common interests in environmental issues, education and community-building, the workshop participants developed a common language that will be helpful as we move forward into the next steps. Those next steps involve finishing the workshop report, assembling appropriate meetings/committees, drafting a plan and saving the earth. No biggie.

I look forward to these next steps and to the community-building opportunities that will inevitably be presented as Penn Charter considers its environmental legacy. I’ll finish this story by presenting two queries that workshop attendees contemplated. I think these queries are interesting for all of us to consider as we celebrate 325 years of Quaker education and Penn Charter history.

  • Consider the legacy that Penn Charter will offer the world over the next 325 years. If the legacy is measured only in our graduates, what does environmental stewardship/sustainability look like? If our legacy is measured only in the school’s ecological/environmental footprint, what does this stewardship look like?

  • In 25/50/100 years, how do you think the Penn Charter community will view our current behaviors, actions, leadership and curriculum within an environmental context?

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Whoever rightly advocates the cause of some, thereby promotes the good of the whole.

—John Woolman (1720-1722)









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