At the end of the school day children are dismissed from their classrooms to the following options: taking a public or Penn Charter bus home (see Transportation), being picked up by a parent or guardian to go home, or remaining on campus to attend the After-School Program or the Lower School Enrichment Program. The following dismissal details are given by designated grade levels.


The pre-K school day ends at 2:45 pm. When picking up your child(ren), please do not park in front of any driveways. If parking on Stokley Street, pull up as close as you can to the brick path, and if the car ahead of you leaves, pull into their spot to avoid parking near Midvale Avenue. Please do not park on or near the bend (corner of Stokley & Coulter). Parents/caregivers may also park on The Oak Road and use the side entrance of the Church of the Good Shepherd. 

Pre-K children attending the After-School Program are escorted to the program by Pre-K and After-School staff.  Pre-K children taking a bus home are also escorted to the bus by pre-K staff.  

Grades K-1

The school day ends at 2:50 pm, and families/caregivers must pick up students in the classroom at this time. Students enrolled in the After-School Program will be escorted to the program by the After-School staff. Students taking the bus will be escorted to the buses by faculty members. 

Grades 2-5

The school day ends at 2:50 pm, and students in Grades 3–5 who are enrolled in the After-School Program or Enrichment Program will report directly to those areas. Students in second grade who are enrolled in the After-School Program will be escorted to the program by the After-School staff. Students taking the bus in grades 3–5 will go to the bus duty teacher’s classroom, and will then be escorted to the buses by a faculty member. 

All other students will be dismissed from the classroom and will go directly to the front of the Lower School to be picked up. Students may not go to the playground, vending machines, etc., unless they are accompanied by an adult. Students with younger siblings in K and first grade may be dismissed from their classroom to pick up their sibling(s), and then they must report to the front of the Lower School. There are two pick-up areas. Families/caregivers may park in a designated parking space and pick up students on the front steps of the Lower School. Families/caregivers may also form a car line in front of the Lower School green where students will be waiting. Families/caregivers may not park and leave their cars in this area.

In both pick-up areas, students may not leave until they have been checked out with one of the dismissal duty teachers. In the morning, please communicate with your child as to where he/she is to report. 

Additional Dismissal Information

Students who leave early must be signed out by an adult at the Lower School office. Any changes in a child’s dismissal plan must be communicated to the Lower School office and the homeroom teachers as early in the day as possible. All students should be picked up promptly after school. Students who are still at school after 3:15 pm, and who are not involved in the Enrichment or After-School Programs, will need to be signed out from the Lower School office. If students from Enrichment are not picked up after their activity ends, or if other children are still waiting at 4:15 pm, they will be taken to the main lobby in the Upper School and may be picked up there. Children may not play on the playground unless they are supervised by an adult.

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