Develop and repurpose space to serve the changing needs of the Penn Charter Program and mission.


A 21st century curriculum will require a reconsideration of the Penn Charter campus.

The Strategic Vision calls for a state-of-the-art Lower School. And beyond that?

We are blessed with a 44-acre, green campus in one of the largest cities in the country. The campus offers obvious advantages, including acres of playing fields, and hidden treasures such as the wetlands on the Strawbridge campus. We will develop and repurpose space to fit the needs of a dynamic new curriculum.


Develop a facilities plan that supports our educational program and is fully integrated with the implementation plan for our Strategic Vision.

Create an environmental plan that fosters environmental stewardship and develops systems and processes to ensure all decisions are evaluated in light of their environmental impact, with consideration of affordable and sustainable alternatives.

Expand educational opportunities beyond the is 44-acre campus to include off-site learning with academic, cultural and corporate institutions in metropolitan Philadelphia.

Implementation Examples

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Master Plan and New Lower School

We have completed a campus master plan that supports both the Strategic Vision and the needs of our educational program.

The plan includes a new state-of-the art Lower School and more efficiently utilizes PC’s 47-acre campus.


Repurpose Space

The new IdeaLab in the Middle School basement has dramatically increased opportunities for STEAM in all three divisions. Upper School Robotics and Costume Design classes were taught in the IdeaLab. Middle School STAR Squad, an after-school activity, learned engineering, programming, robotics and crafting through design challenges related to outer space. Pre-kindergarten students will visit the IdeaLab to build parts for their Rube Goldberg machines. An IdeaLab will soon open in Lower School, in a repurposed classroom.

The Blaine A. Steinberg OPC  ’11 Center for Fitness and Performance occupies the space in Graham Athletics Center that once the wrestling pit.  PC’s significant investment in the program includes, in addition to staffing and space, some top-flight equipment: Iron Grip dumbbells from five to 100 pounds, custom-designed Hammer Strength power racks, five Glute Hamstring Developers, Pit Shark Belt Squat machine, three ellipticals, two Life Fitness treadmills, Innovative Jacobs Ladder, three Life Fitness upright bikes, eight Concept 2 rowers, new Olympic barbells and customized bumper plates for lifting. PC will add more equipment over time to accommodate more students and faculty. Strength and Conditioning Coach John Estok works closely with coaches to enhance the performance of student athletes in the areas of strength, speed, agility and conditioning. He also offers fitness programs for other students and for faculty and staff. 

Composting and Garden Beds

To help make recycling and composting easier for our students, we redesigned and clearly labeled the dining hall dish area to promote these habits.

Plans are being made for summer construction of raised garden beds at Timmons House to enhance learning about environmental science, botany and environmental sustainability by growing herbs and vegetables that will be tended by our students and used in the dining hall.

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