Apps, Websites and Videos

This page has a collection of materials — applications (apps), websites and videos — designed to help students, parents and teachers.

Below are lists of math-specific apps and websites that your child can use as fun, independent math practice with an iPad or in Google Chrome. Neither the apps nor the websites are grade-specific. Students and parents are encouraged to browse together to find something appealing and/or concept-specific. At right, or at the bottom of the lists if you are on your cell phone, you will find links to videos for each chapter of Math in Focus, at each grade.


For use on an iPad (search in the Apple App Store)

  • ten frame snap
  • ken ken
  • number magic 2
  • chicken run
  • dragon shapes
  • 10 frame fill
  • tens frame
  • subitizing flash cards
  • khan academy
  • 4 dice: fraction games
  • number rack
  • line em up
  • fractions and decimals
  • k12 equivalence tiles
  • the fun way to learn algebra
  • geometry iP lite
  • thinking blocks - model drawing practice: all operations
  • mathtappers - multiples
  • mathtappers - clock master
  • mathtappers - find sums
  • mathtappers - number line
  • mathtappers - equivalents
  • mathmateer - number sense, time, money, geometry, computation, and square roots
  • 4 numbers - the 24 game

For Chrome (search in the Chrome Web Store)

  • practice math
  • sumon (tetris-like operations puzzle)
  • color path (analytic thinking skills)
  • khan academy (watch, practice, learn any mathematical skill)
  • 4 numbers - the 24 game


The following websites are grouped by different mathematical concepts, with some sites listed more than once. The activities in these websites generally span across our Lower School grades. The last two sections offer games and other interesting activities.


model drawing practice

picture your problem solving

best bar model practice


Sum Sense--Addition

Math Magician-Addition

Speed Grid (level 3)

Speed Grid (level 2)

Power Lines: super fun, Level 1

model drawing


Subtraction Machine

Math Magician

Speed Grid, Level 1

Speed Grid, Level 2

Speed Grid, Level 3

Sum Sense--Subtraction


JEOPARDY (multi-player)

Multiplication City!

Sum Sense

Space Racer--super fun!

Number Invaders!

Multiplication Millionaire

Fruit Shoots


Math Magician

Sum Sense--Division


All Kinds of Decimal Games

8 Different Super Decimal Games

Decimal & Fraction Converter

Decimal & Whole Number JEOPARDY

Decimals Skill Practice

Jeopardy 3-player

Penguin Waiter (calculating tips)

Decimal Place Value Practice

Decimals Video & quiz

Test your Decimal & Percents Knowledge


Multiplying & Dividing Fractions--VISUAL!

arrays and fractions

FRACTION Fun & Review

Fraction Monkeys (fractions on a number line)

Comparing Fractions (visual)

Triplets (Equivalent fractions game)

Bridge Builders

Fractions Practice

Division of Fractions

Soccer Shootout

Smoothie Maker :) (improper frax)

Frax BLACKJACK (adding to 2)

Frax & Multiples Jeopardy

Fraction Bars-practice

Fiahy Fractions

Equivalent Practice activity

MIXED Numbers (visual)

FracTOTRON (comparing fractions game)

MIXED Numbers--In Words (timed practice)

Visual Fractions-games and practice sheets

Grampa &Grandma Fractions

Fraction JEOPARDY!

lite brite (yes, just like the old plug in game!) Using the web 2.0 tool Happy Daric Lite Brite, students learn about the art technique pointillism and explore fractions and percentages.


Power Football

math lines - make 10

number bonds

number bond machines

Rounding Decimals/Whole Numbers

Numbers & Operations Jeopardy (multi-player)

Finding Common Multiples

Factor Tree Practice

Problem Solving-LCM/GCF

Math Spys/LearnAlberta

base ten place value




name geometry - make lines, line segments, rays, label angles, etc with your student's name


Math Playground - check out the logic gamesmath gamesnumber gamesthinking blocks (GREAT site for bar modeling)math manipulatives (again, GREAT stuff here!)math word problems, and even more…

math worksheets - plain ‘ole fashioned worksheets, some with a twist

CK-12 - all operations, place value, fractions, decimals, time, money, measurement (across grades K - 5)


all Jeopardy games, all operations

games, games, games, or make your own

Quia - jeopardy, matching, more

poetry math - challenging rhyming word problems

math magician - all operations

Hands On Math: math maze - all operations

math skills: arcade style

the 24 game

Resources for Families

Math Coordinator

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