Remarks by Denise Haigler Hon. 1689

Denise Haigler Hon. 1689 introduced Mary Gallagher as she received the Honorary 1689 Award.

It is my pleasure to introduce Mary Gallagher as one of this year’s honorary 1689 award recipients. The Gallagher family came to Penn Charter in the early 1980s. First Bill and the kids, and then Mary came to work at Penn Charter in 1983 initially helping out in the athletic office. Mary was part of the front office team along with me, Mary Murphy and Norma Mercer, to name a few. That’s how I would describe Mary – a TEAM player. Whenever there was a job to be done like an all-school mailing, Mary would have a solution to get the job done in quick fashion. This usually meant pulling everyone into the effort and getting the folding machine out of the closet. And when we all whispered among ourselves wondering when summer hours would begin, Norma would go into Earl Ball’s office and say, “Mary wants to know …”  It was always fun in the front office no matter how chaotic things got. And to this day, we are not sure whose recipe was used for the Irish Soda Bread we enjoyed every March 17 – Mary Gallagher’s or Jack Rogers’!

During her time at Penn Charter, Mary supported athletics, the middle school, college counseling and the assistant head of school. She was always there in the morning to greet you with a smile or stand by you in a time of need, and became a mainstay for the hundreds of students, faculty and staff who walked the hallways during her time at Penn Charter. Mary is the mother of three OPCs, Bill Jr., Megan and Jennifer, the wife of Bill Gallagher Sr. Hon. 1689, and tonight she will join her family with a Penn Charter diploma of her own.

While Mary has been gone for 15 years, her heart has never left Penn Charter, and she will always be part of the Penn Charter community.

It is my great pleasure to welcome my friend, Mary Gallagher, as an Honorary Alumna OPC 1689.

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