Beauty and the Beast
Posted 02/05/2016 04:51PM

Disney's Beauty and the Beast Promises Enchantment

In a "tale as old as time" – Disney's Beauty and the Beast – students in grades 4-12 are telling the story of Belle, a young woman in a provincial town, and the Beast, a young prince trapped under the spell of an enchantress.

Penn Charter’s all-school musical, which runs Feb. 19-21, has been in production for months and features lavish costumes and an ornate set.

“We have more than 120 students ages 9-19 pulling together for this spectacular production,” said director and theater manager Jessica Bender. “They're doing some exciting work that you won't want to miss.”

Students, some new to musical productions and others veteran performers, are making the most of this opportunity to sing, act, dance – and play an instrument in the orchestra pit of 15 student musicians and five adults. And many are learning set, costume, lighting and sound design under the tutelage of professional designers.

Penn Charter's all-school musicals are always visually stunning.  The Beauty and the Beast set consists of vividly painted backdrops and borders that portray a quaint town center and an enchanted castle. They are professionally designed, and executed in large part by students and their parents.

The curtain goes up Friday, Feb. 19 at 7 pm, Saturday, Feb. 20 at 7 pm, and Sunday, Feb. 21 at 2:30 pm. Tickets are open to the community and on sale through $10 adults; $8 students.

Cast list

Paige Hodges – Friday night and Sunday afternoon
Meredith Chernak – Saturday night

Beast: Max Monheit

Gaston: Cesar Centeno

Mrs. Potts: Shelby Marcee

Lumiere: Tzion Jones

Cogsworth: Adam Weil

Babette: Caroline Robertson

Maurice: Donovan Lappe

Madame: Janelle Sullivan

LeFou: Tristan Calvo-Studdy

Francesca Luzi – Friday night
Chloe Pinto – Saturday night
Brooklyn Trevisan – Sunday afternoon

Monsieur D’Arque: Thomas Freitag

Prince: Soren Heinz

Enchantress: Kate Bender

Silly Girls: Jenny Locke, Winnie Worgan, Caroline Chovanes, Justine Paolini

Gaston’s Cronies: Mitch Sibson, Henry Centeno, Al Outtara, Kieran O’Connor, Zach Raphael

Dance Corps: Kate Bender, Hannah Calistri, Janayjah Dumnore, Se’Niyah Preito, Al Outtara, Mitch Sibson

Baker: Jaleel Bivins

Bookseller: Zoe Moscovici

Sausge Curl Girl: Karly Kessler

Aristocratic Lady: Olivia Fiss

Lady with a Cane: Katie Brady Gold

Lady with a Baby: Caroline Chovanes

Hat Seller: Josie Sepel

Milkmaid: Justine Paolini

Fish Man: Zach Raphael

Egg Man: Mitch Sibson

Candle Man: Sekia Philips

Shepherd Boy: Sarah Toll

Mother / Female Villager : Karly McCloskey

Male Villager: Henry Centeno

Guards / Knights in Armor: Zach Raphael, Kieran O’Connor

Wolves: Aanisah Alford, Kate Bender, Katie Brady-Gold, Henry Centeno, Karly Kessler, Paige McAllister, Karly McCloskey, Al Outtara, Justine Paolini, Se’Niyah Preito, Jaleel Bivins

Lower School - Dabney Baum, Emerson Drake, Mac Haines, Macy Krohner, Elijah Leckerman
Upper / Middle School - Isabelle Calvanese, Amanda Cowhey, Rosie Kaufman, Rose Klales, Amanda Raphael, Anna Solomon, Ariel Takle, Regina Sullivan, Lila Worgan, Simone Perry, Evie Eisenstein

Enchanted Objects:
Lower School - Ella Sage, Ana Vucetic, Marko Vucetic, Aisling Brady, Matthew Clarke, Eli Moulton, Merrill Gadsden, Magnolia Huynh, Grace Jordan-Weistein, Sophia Kelly, Alyssa Loffer, Gracie Smith, Julia Perricelli, Grace Agosto, Georgia O’Gallagher
Upper / Middle School - Hadley Ball, Gabby Petrone, Mary McDavid, Paige McAllister, Aanisah Alford, Ruby Singer, Page Proctor, Maria Perry

Stage Managers: Isiah Powell-Taylor, Simone Butler

Stage Crew: Leo Berg, Kate Bender, Joey Centeno, Nigel George, Liliana Gartanutti (7th), Ella Stevens, Justin Wilson, Bill Kopf

Costume Crew: Veronica Lentz, Maya & Isabella Brightbill, Sydney Raza, Lindsey Gadsden, Emelia Malhotra, Kayla Pham, Phillippe Atallah, Al Armstrong, Taylor Wheeler-Yard, Georgia Hight-Schickel

Assistant Stage Manager, BSR / Deck Chief / Fly Chief: Andrew Sax

Assistant Stage Manager, BSL: Maddie Riley

Light Board Op: Joey Centeno (Assistant: Zoe Tierno)

Sound Board Assistant: Ian Harbison, A2: Amelia Dogan


Lizzie Drebin
Josh Patton
Nick Djerassi

Tate Miller
Blaise Ciarocchi
Ronnie Ross

Lily Weil

English Horn/Oboe
Jonathan Lewis

Sara Flemming
Jeremy Weiss

Anastasia Lewis
Max Hinkle

Sami Pathek
Jon Weiss
Dante Destefano
Jake Cutler
Brian Istwan


Poster design by Taylor Zahairagunn, Class of 2016

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