Head of School Search

Penn Charter has embarked on a search for its eighth Head of School in modern times.

Head of School Darryl J. Ford has decided to leave PC in June 2023 to pursue a "third act" in his remarkable career.

To hire Darryl Ford's successor, the Penn Charter Board of Trustees has established a search committee of the board and hired Storbeck Search to collaborate on a national search for Penn Charter's next Head of School.

First page of the PDF file: PennCharter_2022HOSPositionStatement

The Head of School Position Statement outlines the opportunities and challenges a new head of school will likely encounter, and describes the qualifications and experience required of this new leader. It is a snapshot of the Penn Charter educational program and community at this moment in time.

The document and the search have been shaped by insights from the PC community — insights gathered from a survey of all constituents and more than a dozen listening sessions with key stakeholders — about strengths, weaknesses, and hopes for the future. Thank you to all who provided input.

Structure for National Search

Trustees' Head of School Search Committee

The following members of the Penn Charter Board of Trustees comprise the Head of School Search Committee. 

Jeffrey A. Reinhold P '12, Clerk, Board of Trustees; ex officio
Amy E. Gadsden P '23, '23, '27, Search Co-Clerk
Paul H. Hough OPC '77, Search Co-Clerk
Benjamin E. Robinson III OPC '82, Search Co-Clerk
Brigitte C. Addimando P ’28, P '29, '33
Christine B. Angelakis P '11, '13, '18
Jane F. Evans Hon. 1689, P '93, '95, '98, GP '24, '26, Assistant Clerk, Board of Trustees
Mark D. Hecker OPC '99
Robert A. Rosania OPC '82, P '22, '23
Larry L. Turner P '19, '22
Edward Zubrow Hon. 1689

(The committee members appear above: Top, L to R: A. Gadsden, B. Robinson, P. Hough, J. Reinhold, C. Angelakis; Bottom, L to R: R. Rosania, J. Evans, M. Hecker, L. Turner, B. Addimando, E. Zubrow.)

Contact the Trustees' Head of School Search Committee at

Insight, Feedback from Advisory Groups

The Head of School Search Committee formed two advisory groups to act as an integral part of the search process:  a School Advisory Group comprised of faculty, staff and administrators, and a Community Advisory Group comprised of parents, caregivers and OPCs.

Members of these advisory groups have acted as an important resource to the Search Committee and their participation will continue throughout the search process. In particular, the groups will be asked to represent their constituencies and to provide ongoing feedback to the Search Committee.

Members of the Advisory Groups are:

Search Consultants

The Storbeck Search Team will be led by two of the firm's managing directors and will include additional specialists: 

Nishant Mehta, Managing Director
Sherry Coleman, Managing Director
Melissa Scott, Senior Search Associate
Lisa Solinsky, Senior Search Associate

Contact the Storbeck team at



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Updates on the Search

While protecting the confidentiality of candidates, this monthslong search process will be transparent for the PC community. We will update this webpage at key points during the process. 

Search Milestones

The search process will unfold over many months, from the March 2022 announcement by Head of School Darryl J. Ford through the arrival of a new head.

  • Solicit community input 
  • Identify candidates
  • Interview semifinalists
  • Interview finalists (on campus)
  • New Head of School joins PC, July 2023