Color Day Makes Memories

Color Day, established in 1892, is an annual gathering of the PC community—students, teachers, parents, grandparents and alumni—for a friendly festival competition between two teams representing Penn Charter’s school colors.

All-School Participation

Students are placed on either the Blue or Yellow team in kindergarten or when they enter Penn Charter and remain on that team throughout their time at the school. Colors are inherited; siblings wear the same color as each other, and as their OPC relatives. Color Day captains, elected by the senior class, lead the procession of flags onto the field to commence the day’s events. All grades compete in relay races, and the day ends with the senior class rope pull, as was true more than 100 years ago.

Color Day History

Historically, Color Day grew out of a time when intra-school competition was the focus of athletics and physical education at Penn Charter. In more recent times, interscholastic athletics and the growth of the physical education curriculum as an educational discipline have replaced some of the original aspects of Color Day. However, the camaraderie, the opportunity to perform, the thrill of being champions on this day are no less important than 100 years ago.

PC educator Isaac Porter, who taught art and physical education, was the founder of the first Color Day. Teacher Isaac Porter was responsible for establishing a color “points system” for Color Day where points were awarded throughout the school year for academic honors, public speaking, holding offices in school clubs, athletic letters and other honors. Any active school involvement was eligible for “color points.” These points were tallied throughout the school year with the final points awarded at the spring Color Day field competition, determining the overall color team winner for the year. Most likely due to the scorekeeping nightmares, this point-tracking system lasted only two years. Starting in 1894, color points were awarded only for athletic activities.

The Takeaway

The real meaning of Color Day is participation and healthy competition, with an emphasis more on camaraderie than on which team scored the higher point total. Enjoy the day and cheer for your favorite color!

Go Blue! Go Yellow!



Color Day Snaps

Go Blue! Go Yellow! Enjoy the recent Color Day images in Flickr.

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