Patrick Cannon Remarks

High school male in cap and gown smiles from bell tower at Penn Charter

To all Seniors family, friends, and loved ones watching right now, I am Patrick Cannon, Senior Class Clerk.

What a time to be alive.

Since the beginning of time, we’ve all known this year, this class and our graduating year (2020) was going to be different in some capacity. Who would’ve ever thought in a span of nine months we would have started and expanded clubs, won state championships, traveled the country for school conferences, bended school rules (a bit), and got into dream colleges!

We began the year on the tail end of a successful senior retreat with high spirits with no idea what lay ahead in the future. I know for many, the ideal senior year consisted of but was not limited to getting into or recruited by a college of interest, taking the helm as senior leaders in both the halls and on the fields, and finishing out the year strong with a slight component of laziness towards the end. No one would have ever imagined that in September after the senior retreat, we would have witnessed the possibility of World War III in January, an ecological massacre in Australia during the bushfires in February, and for the past few months, a virus which we were told by many figures of authority was merely as bad as the common flu. 

Nonetheless, the perseverance and persistence of what will be regarded as the most memorable and greatest graduating class in modern history will outlast this virus and assist us in college and in our lives beyond. The perseverance of our class was instilled in us from years of both triumphs and failures at PC, aced and failed tests, won and lost Color Days, and years of working our tails off to be at this exact point in our academic careers. 

The light is at the end of the tunnel. Class of 2020, stay healthy, stay strong and, most importantly, stay Quaker.

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Student in cap and gown speaks at microphones in the bell tower  at PC