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Congratulations, 2022 Prizewinners!

Congratulations, 2022 Prizewinners!

Students Honored at Prize Assembly

Penn Charter recognized Upper School students on May 27 with end-of-year awards honoring their contributions in areas such as leadership, academics, technology, dedication to the school, and commitment to public purpose and service. 

Additionally, this year's Commencement speakers were announced:
Henry Davis
Lauren Martz
Amani Rivers

Congratulations to all!

A group of high schoolers stand together for a group shot


CHERYL IRVING DIVERSITY AWARD - Given to a member of the Senior Class who has made significant contributions to the work of equity and justice and has participated and led in the organization of discussions, workshops and activities to further making Penn Charter an inclusive environment. 

Amanda Ehrenhalt
Gabrielle Polite
Amani Rivers

LEHR FAMILY PUBLIC PURPOSE AWARD - To the student(s) who most closely fulfilled the ideals of public purpose to the community through active participation in the Center for Public Purpose addressing the most pressing social issues in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Jackson Gold
Ava Moses

JACOB SNIPES TECHNOLOGY AWARD --Awarded in memory of Jacob Snipes OPC '14, recognizing the student or group of students showing passion for technological exploration and making the best use of technology to complete a major academic assignment.

Ruby Singer


Ninth: Lucas Fiss and Eva McIver-Jenkins
Tenth: Ellie Choate and Sammy Davey
Eleventh: Lexi Bari and Justin Cockerham
Twelfth: Madaline Puma and Charlie Weiss

MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE - To a member of the Junior Class who has demonstrated the highest level of motivation, commitment and achievement in science and math classes.

Harrison Signorello

AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY AWARD - For excellence in Chemistry.

Grace Agosto

THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF PHYSICS TEACHERS’ AWARD - To the outstanding student in the first year physics course.

Sydney DelBello and Lindsay Gadsden

THE ROBERT D. TORREY AWARD - Honors an Upper School student who has shown dedication and achievement during his or her years in the science program.

Jerry Rullo

J.P. HARLAND PRIZE - To that member of the Junior Class or Senior Class who has been the best student in Latin during his/her years at Penn Charter.

Henry Davis

SPANISH PRIZE - To a student(s) that has clearly demonstrated a true commitment to understanding the culture of Spanish speakers, as well as mastering the Spanish language.

Jerry Rullo

CHINESE PRIZE – To the student who has most clearly demonstrated a commitment to mastering the Chinese language, understanding the culture and using what they learn to communicate with others.

Gabrielle Polite

S. WEIR LEWIS, 3rd MEMORIAL PRIZE - To an outstanding member or members of the Junior Class, in English and French, as a tribute to Clifton Lisle and to Oliver P. Hodge who were his teachers in these subjects.

Grace Jordan-Weinstein (English)
Merrill Gadsden (French)

RELIGIOUS STUDIES and PHILOSOPHY DEPARTMENT AWARD - This award is given to a member of the student body who has shown significant scholarly interest and pursuit in the field of religious studies and philosophy in their time at Penn Charter.

Madison Brooks

HISTORY PRIZE - To the Senior who has demonstrated general excellence throughout the U.S. History course during their Junior year.

Anya Coleman-Hill
Charlotte Hodgson

LAWRENCE W. KUNKLE AWARD – To a senior who best exemplifies the qualities of creative ability, diligence and service that Lawrence Kunkle exhibited as a teacher at Penn Charter.

Kaela Savoy-Cooper

LOUIS SAVINO CHORAL AWARD – given to an upper school student who has distinguished him/herself through an extraordinary commitment to Penn Charter’s choral musical program.

Henry Ross

MUSIC AWARD - To a member of the Upper School who has made an outstanding contribution to the music program through both talent and leadership.

Kayla Bass (Choral)
Aidan Berkoff (Instrumental)

LOUIS ARMSTRONG JAZZ AWARD - given to a student in recognition of outstanding achievement in the field of jazz, as demonstrated through superior musicianship character, and individual creativity. 

Will Betts Cope

JOHN PHILIP SOUSA BAND AWARD - given to a student in recognition of outstanding achievement and interest in instrumental music, for singular merit in loyalty and cooperation, and for displaying those high qualities of conduct that school instrumental music requires.

Madison Brooks

DRAMA PRIZE - Awarded to an Upper School student who has made an outstanding contribution to the dramatic arts at Penn Charter.

Matthew Clarke

PETER KISHINCHAND MEMORIAL PRIZE - Awarded in memory of Peter Kishinchand OPC’91, to a student who has made a major contribution to the arts programs at Penn Charter through dedication to the technical aspects of artistic productions.

Davina Kennedy

WILLIAM C. SHIELDS, 3rd MEMORIAL PRIZE - To a student who has completed Ninth Grade with an outstanding record in character, scholarship and sportsmanship.

Zoe Page
Arielle Willis

THE ROBERT C. PORTER BOWDOIN PRIZE - To a member of the Sophomore Class who has demonstrated leadership in academics and who has made a significant contribution to school life.

Zady Hasse
Alexandra Will

HENRY A. DRESSER MEMORIAL PRIZE - To an outstanding member of the Tenth Grade.

Renee Fernendes
Ellie Choate

CLASS OF 1897 PRIZE - To a member of the Junior Class who has combined high scholarship with character and leadership in school activities.

Leilani Bacchus
Mariam Stewart

THE COLBY COLLEGE BOOK PRIZE IN HONOR OF ANDREW PEFF OPC ’07 – To a member of the Junior Class who has shown outstanding academic achievement and has made substantial contributions to the school and local community.

Davina Kennedy

RICHARD S. CROSS JEFFERSON SCHOLAR AWARD - To an outstanding Junior Class student in academics and extracurricular activities given by the University of Virginia Club. Note: Per instructions from the award sponsor please select one student only.

Matthew Clarke

WILLIAMS COLLEGE AWARD - To a member of the Junior Class who has demonstrated intellectual leadership and has made a significant contribution to the extracurricular life of the school. Note: Per instructions from the award sponsor, please select one student only.

Magnolia Huynh

HARVARD CLUB AWARD - To that member of the Junior Class who is deemed the most worthy by reason of his/her scholarship, character, school spirit, influence upon his/her fellows, and general ability. Note: Per instructions from the award sponsor please select one student only.

Jack Frank

CLASS OF 1980 AWARD - To a senior who does the most to promote unity within the class.

Nick Marricone 

JONATHAN HOLMAN SMULLENS AWARD - Awarded in memory of Jonathan Smullens, Class of ‘79, to a senior who has made particularly significant progress during their senior year.

Chandler Turner

SERVICE AWARD - To any member of the student body who has given continuous service to Penn Charter over a period of years.

Amanda Ehrenhalt

KENNETH A. GERBER AWARD for OUTSTANDING INTELLECTUAL ACHIEVEMENT To the student who achieves the type of broad-based intellectual accomplishment that characterized Ken Gerber, OPC’85.

Gabrielle Polite

YEARBOOK  DEDICATION - Tom Ciolko (The Senior Class already presented it to Tom on Friday, 5/20/22.)

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