Winter Athletes Honored by Coaches, League, Teammates

Winter Athletes Honored by Coaches, League, Teammates
30+High school athletes standing in 2 rows holding certificates

Winter Athletes Honored by Coaches and Inter-Academic League

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Receiving Upper School awards recognizing athletic achievement and sportsmanship:

Sport Athlete Award
 Basketball  Mark Butler  Coach's Award
 Basketball  Ryan Holmes  Coach's Award 
 Basketball  Aaron Reisman  Coach's Award
 Basketball  Kaitlyn Carter  Coach's Award
 Basketball  Laila Hamiter  Coach's Award 
 Basketball  Carmen Williams  Coach's Award 
 Indoor Track  Akeel Blake  Coach's Award 
 Indoor Track  Patrick Fehm  Coach's Award 
 Indoor Track  Oliver Leedale-Brown  Coach's Award 
 Indoor Track  Jalynn Johnson  Coach's Award
 Indoor Track  Peyton Parker  Coach's Award
 Indoor Track  Julia Dolce  Coach's Award
 Squash  Hyun Su Price  Coach's Award
 Squash   Henry Ross  Coach's Award 
 Squash  Jack Stanley   Coach's Award
 Squash  Ines Alexanian  Coach's Award
 Squash  Alexandra Jaffe  Coach's Award
 Squash  Samantha Jaffe  Coach's Award
 Swimming  Tyler Juskalian  
 Swimming  Henry Langford  Coach's Award
 Swimming  Alex Zoldan  Coach's Award
 Swimming  Samantha Boyes  Coach's Award
 Swimming  Sally Foley  Coach's Award
 Swimming  Gabriella Lopez-Ona  Coach's Award
 Swimming  Marissa Lopez-Ona  Coach's Award
 Wrestling  Daniel Bach  Coach's Award
 Wrestling  Tyler Mangan  Coach's Award
 Wrestling  Matthew McGlinchey  Coach's Award


The Inter-Academic League honored the following PC players:

Sport   Athlete  Team
 Basketball  Kelsey Bess  Second
 Basketball  Kaitlyn Carter  First
 Basketball  Aleah Snead  Second
 Basketball  Carmen Williams  First
 Squash  Amanda Cowhey  First
 Squash  Samantha Jaffe  Second
 Squash  Hyun Su Price  First 
 Squash  Ryan Yeatman  Second 
 Swimming  Samantha Boyes  First
 Swimming  Sally Foley  MVP
 Swimming  Tyler Juskalian  First
 Swimming  Gabriella Lopez-Ona  First
 Swimming  Marissa Lopez-Ona  First
 Swimming  Lane Murray  First
 Swimming  Camille Weiss  First
 Wrestling  Jess Anderson  Second
 Wrestling  Jack Bowen  Second
 Wrestling  Tyler Mangan  Second


20+ middle school students pose together with certificates in Penn Charter MS lobby

Middle School students were honored for their sportsmanship and dedication to their teams. 

Sport   Athlete  Award
 MS JV-B Basketball  David Kennedy  Sportsmanship
 MS JV-B Basketball  Lev Puma  Dedication
 MS JV Basketball  Tate Taylor  Sportsmanship 
 MS JV Basketball  Justin Smith  Dedication
 MS JV Basketball  Taggart Kohles  Dedication
 MS JV Basketball  Hannah Aldinger  Sportsmanship
 MS JV Basketball  Safiyah Muhammad  Dedication
 MS Varsity Basketball  Will Viera  Dedication
 MS Varsity Basketball  Jevyn Dyer  Sportsmanship
 MS Varsity Basketball  Britton Armbrister  Sportsmanship
 MS Varsity Basketball  Elissa Hsu  Dedication
 MS Varsity Basketball  Amelia Watson  Sportsmanship
 Squash  Wills Kaiser  Sportsmanship
 Squash  Elijah Leckerman  Dedication
 Squash  Savannah Abernethy  Sportsmanship
 Squash  Hadley Trautwein  Dedication
 Squash  Harper Leary  Dedication
 Swimming  Zoe Page  Sportsmanship 
 Swimming  Alice Ingram  Dedication
 Swimming  Avi Mondgock  Dedication
 Swimming  Julia Perricelli  Sportsmanship
 Wrestling  PJ Duffy  Sportsmanship
 Wrestling  Hugh Maley  Dedication

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