Creative Confidence

Creative Confidence

In Penn Charter’s pre-kindergarten, “Studio” is both a physical location and an educational philosophy.

Four- and five-year-old pre-K students gather in Studio for extended periods of time for hands-on experiences to explore, discover and transform materials in ways that reflect their thinking.

In the language of educators, we would say that studio honors childhood, and that, in Studio, children reveal their creativity and their learning styles as they choose from multiple modes of expression: music, movement, drama, storytelling, photography, construction and engineering.

In the language of parents, they would say that Studio is magical.

“From the first time we toured the pre-K program at Penn Charter, we loved the creative environment of Studio,” said a PC mother. “From the variety of materials students were challenged with, both my children created pieces they are extremely proud of, and that built their creative confidence.”

Along with her husband, the grateful PC mom has made a gift to the new Lower School to support the Studio space, which will benefit students in pre-K, kindergarten and first grade.

Like many of our sweetest gifts, this one is anonymous!

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