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Thank You For a Great Day

Thank You For a Great Day

Good evening, Penn Charter.

Today was a great day and a hard one.  A letter was sent earlier this evening to our parents, faculty and Overseers announcing that Penn Charter will start spring break early. And we will prepare curriculum for PC Distance Learning in case the COVID-19 pandemic makes it impossible for us to return from break, as planned, on March 31.

I am grateful for the outpouring of support for our school, and especially for the messages of what our community loves about Penn Charter. As one parent said, "Penn Charter begins and ends with the relationships forged within our community." We couldn't agree more. In difficult times like these, our community gathers its collective strength and shines. You can visit penncharter.com/greatday to see more about what parents, OPCs and faculty value about PC. 

Thank you for your gifts to Penn Charter on Great Day. We met and exceeded our $100,000 match and raised $301,559 from 315 donors. If today isn't the right day for you, any gift made to Penn Charter from now through Color Day, May 22, will count as a Great Day gift. 

Thank you, Penn Charter, for the strength you have shown today. 
John T. Rogers Hon. 1689

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