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Indigenous Peoples' Day

Indigenous Peoples' Day

On October 9, we welcomed students, families, faculty and staff to honor and learn about the rich history of the Lenape people, the original inhabitants of our region, in recognition of Indigenous Peoples' Day.

Organized and led by students and PC's Center for Public Purpose, the day's activities began with the 

reading of PC's Land Acknowledgement and a presentation that provided background on the Lenape, who lived and still live throughout present-day Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Delaware in an area called the Lenapehoking, as well as in other areas in the country.

After this introduction, attendees engaged in various educational activities and presentations facilitated by students, faculty and staff, including corn husk doll making, Lenape storytelling and student drawing, the Indigenous history of lacrosse, and read-alouds. A range of resources for celebrating and learning more about Native culture were also made available.

Thank you to those who helped plan, organize and present today's program, and to all our friends who joined us to learn more about our region's history and those who came before us. We are also immensely grateful to the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania, who has partnered with us in this work over the last few years and whom we hope to continue partnering with for years to come. 

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