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New Parents and Caregivers Welcomed

New Parents and Caregivers Welcomed

Parents and caregivers new to Penn Charter began to make connections and share experiences at a welcome reception held in the Graham Athletics and Wellness Center on September 23.

Along with opportunities to enjoy conversations and "mocktails" like lemonade spritz with fresh mint, the crowd heard from Director of Parent Engagement Lauren Stabert; the co-chairs of PC's Parent and Caregiver Community, Licia Ano Marrone and Jen Handler; and Head of School Karen Warren Coleman.

"Each and every time I visited this campus, I came away with a sense of wonderment and admiration for Penn Charter students, teachers, staff, alumni, and parents and caregivers like you who make up the Penn Charter community," Coleman said. "It is my sincere hope and expectation that you and your students also will experience a sense of wonderment and admiration as we embark on this educational journey together. 

"Given that I share your status of being 'new' to Penn Charter, I will always hold you and your children in a special place in my heart."

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