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"Schooled" Visits Penn Charter

"Schooled" Visits Penn Charter

When AJ Michalka and Brett Dier from the ABC comedy Schooled traveled all the way from California to Penn Charter, the school and teachers who influenced series co-creator Adam Goldberg OPC '94 gave them an enthusiastic Quaker welcome.

Goldberg, creator of the hit sitcom The Goldbergs, created this spinoff about the teachers of "William Penn Academy" in the 1990s.

Charlie Brown, Goldberg's self-described favorite teacher, who taught him both English and math, emceed an assembly for 216 Middle School fans of the show. The actors, who play Lainey and CB (yes, the character is based on our own Charlie Brown Hon. 1689), fielded questions, posed for photos, handed out hugs and high-fives ... in short, they were treated like celebs, but also kind of like favorite teachers. Students wanted to know everything from set details to the best path to an acting career to whether Brett can breakdance. (Challenge accepted!)

Michalka and Dier met the real Beth Glascott and Liz Flemming, who inspired characters on Schooled, and joined the middle schoolers in waving rally towels to cheer on San Francisco 49er Mike McGlinchey OPC '13, who would compete in the Super Bowl that weekend.

Fifth grade also boasts a lot of Schooled fans, and those students got their chance for photos and a hands-in huddle with "Lainey" and "CB."

When the Schooled visitors departed, they went to another Philadelphia landmark: the Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. But we're pretty sure it was the Penn Charter visit that made them feel like champions.

Don't miss the photos. And check out the 6ABC coverage of the visit.


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