Sixth Grade Food Security Capstone

Sixth Grade Food Security Capstone

Throughout the past year, sixth graders embarked on an inspiring journey to address food insecurity in Philadelphia with the support of our PC Community Partners.

They have engaged in comprehensive classwork, impactful service learning internships, presentations, and guest speaker sessions to better understand hunger, its root causes, and ways to alleviate food insecurity in Philadelphia and contribute to the solution.

With the help of our Center for Public Purpose, our students made monthly visits to local organizations aligned with food justice, forming meaningful connections and understanding the real-world impact of their efforts.

At the May 22 Capstone event, students presented their experiences and takeaways with families and led them through an interactive hunger simulation. In this simulation, guests were placed in the shoes of someone experiencing food insecurity and tasked with providing food for their household for a week, which proved to be complicated, stressful and unpredictable.

At Penn Charter, we empower our Middle Schoolers to become change cultivators. They're learning to lead and inspire positive change in their community through critical thinking, math, public speaking, and presentation skills.


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PC Community Partners

  • Northwest Mutual Aid Collective
  • Katie's Cupboard
  • Sanctuary Farms
  • DePaul House
  • Share Food Program
  • Whosoever Gospel Mission
  • Germantown Avenue Crisis Ministry


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