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Photos: One-Act Play Festival

Photos: One-Act Play Festival

Thirty-seven performers and 18 crew members put on three different plays for captivated audiences in the Kurtz Center for the Performing Arts on November 3 and 4.

"Whatever the Weather," the Middle and Upper School one-act play festival, featured performers (and everyone involved in the show) exploring the perils and the comedy of a tempest, an ice storm and a snow day! Holly Silberman made her directorial debut with the middle school production Paper or Plastic: The Ice Storm

Just Another Snow Day, directed by Eva Kay Noone, highlighted the comedic talents of a combined middle and upper school cast. An adaptation of Shakespeare's The Tempest, directed by Ari Baker, was performed by upper school students.

"It was a full program with something for everyone in attendance - congratulations to everyone involved!" said Noone.

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students performing on stage

Paper or Plastic: The Ice Storm
Written by Werner Trieschmann
Directed by Holly Silberman
Middle School cast

The last time we saw Sarah, she was the young hero of Paper or Plastic? There, Sarah was trying her best as a new employee at Puritan Foods, a grocery store with more than a cart full of crazy customers and fellow employees. In Paper or Plastic: The Ice Storm, Sarah is back, but this time she is hastily given—maybe tricked into?—the job of assistant manager. Sarah is happy about the new promotion until she realizes that with great power comes even more grocery store insanity. Did we mention there's an ice storm coming?! When the assistant manager suddenly leaves ahead of the bad weather, Sarah is left to deal with stubborn customers who just want to stand at a register and read a magazine. Then there are unruly kids running around the store throwing cereal and climbing on top of shelves. That's nothing compared to the strike organized by the baggers and a mysterious figure known as El Diablo. Sarah tries to stay awake throughout the ordeal—Puritan Foods is open 24/7, of course—while also trying to smooth over the toughest obstacle of all, the cane-wielding head of Skybell Ice Cream. Will the striking baggers get a raise or just a bunch of bananas? Will there be anything left on the shelves? Will Sarah survive? The answers and laughs are in the forecast of Paper or Plastic: The Ice Storm.

Just Another Snow Day
Written by Brian Starchman
Directed by Eva Kay Noone
Middle and Upper School cast

In this collection of hilarious scenes we see how an unexpected day off from school can be an answer to a prayer … or not! Sweethearts Mark and Jessica aren’t feeling very sweet when, after a whole night of decorating the gym, the winter homecoming dance is canceled. Meanwhile, Paul is thrilled to get an invitation from Mary to go sledding, if only his overprotective mother will chill. Then there’s poor Julie – will she ever figure out how to get her tongue unstuck from the frozen flagpole? Woven throughout the many scenes, Trenton, a student, and Mr. Ruffino, his drama teacher, battle the weather and each other to get their copies of the latest game “Zombie Apocalyptico 7” before the post office closes. By evening, the school theater becomes the place to be when the power goes out and the generator kicks on. This sparkling comedy might just have your audience wishing for their own snow day!

The Tempest
Written by William Shakespeare, adapted for Penn Charter by Lisa VillaMil
Directed by Ari Baker
Upper School cast

Get ready for an enchanting journey into Shakespeare's magical realm. Follow the captivating tale of Prospero, a powerful sorcerer and rightful Duke of Milan, who conjures a tempest to shipwreck his treacherous brother and those who wronged him on a remote island. Stranded with them are young lovers, mystical spirits and a monstrous creature. As alliances shift and secrets unravel, love, forgiveness and redemption take center stage. With mesmerizing spells, comedic moments and heartwarming lessons, this abridged rendition of The Tempest promises an enthralling theatrical experience that will leave you spellbound!

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