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Winter Athletes Honored by Coaches, League, Teammates

Winter Athletes Honored by Coaches, League, Teammates
Three rows of high school students in a gym hold certificates

Winter Athletes Honored by Coaches and Inter-Academic League

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Wrestling coach Pete Shaifer OPC '82 was awarded Coach of the Year from the Pennsylvania Independent Schools Wrestling Tournament.

Receiving Upper School awards recognizing athletic achievement and sportsmanship:

Sport Athlete Award
 Basketball  Keith Gee  PC Award
 Basketball  Kevin Cotton  PC Award 
 Basketball  Kai Shinholster  PC Award
 Basketball  Colin Schumm  PC Award
 Basketball  Kayla Bradby  PC Award 
 Basketball  Amani Rivers  PC Award 
 Basketball  Maddie Shoup  PC Award
 Basketball  Kelsey Bess  PC Award
 Indoor Track  Nate Johnson  PC Award
 Indoor Track  TJ Zwall  PC Award
 Indoor Track  David Rosania  PC Award
 Indoor Track  Alli DeLisi  PC Award
 Indoor Track  Amanda Ehrenhalt  PC Award
 Indoor Track  Julia Dolce  PC Award
 Indoor Track  Olivia Montini  PC Award
 Squash  Hyun Su Price  PC Award
 Squash   Ramsay Killinger  PC Award 
 Squash  Jack Stanley   PC Award
 Squash  Sydney DelBello  PC Award
 Squash  Alexandra Jaffe  PC Award
 Squash  Samantha Jaffe  PC Award
 Swimming  Tyler Juskalian  PC Award
 Swimming  Aidan Trautwein  PC Award
 Swimming  Alex Zoldan  PC Award
 Swimming  Lane Murray  PC Award
 Swimming  Aisling Brady  PC Award
 Swimming  Eliza Black  PC Award
 Wrestling  Tyler Mangan  PC Award
 Wrestling  Matt Callahan  PC Award


The PAISAA and Inter-Academic League honored the following PC players:

Sport   Athlete  Team
 Basketball  Kaylinn Bethea  First Team All Inter-Ac
 Basketball  Aleah Snead  First Team All Inter-Ac
 Basketball  Bella Toomey  First Team All Inter-Ac
 Basketball  Mark Butler  League MVP
 Basketball  Mark Butler  First Team All Inter-Ac
 Basketball  Isaiah Grimes  Second Team All Inter-Ac
 Basketball  Trey Shinholster  Second Team All Inter-Ac
 Indoor Track  Dani Shipon  PAISAA All-State
 Indoor Track  Alli DeLisi  PAISAA All-State
 Indoor Track  Julia Dolce  PAISAA All-State
 Indoor Track  Elena Coupas  PAISAA All-State
 Indoor Track  Olivia Montini  PAISAA All-State
 Squash  Alex Jaffe  First Team All Inter-Ac
 Squash  Samantha Jaffe  First Team All Inter-Ac
 Squash  Hyun Su Price  First Team All Inter-Ac
 Squash  Ramsay Killinger  Second Team All Inter-Ac
 Squash  Jack Stanley  Second Team All Inter-Ac
 Swimming  Abby Steinbrook  All Inter-Ac
 Swimming  Ava Coombs  All Inter-Ac
 Swimming  Eva McIver-Jenkins  All Inter-Ac
 Swimming  Lane Murray  All Inter-Ac
 Swimming  Juan Tovar  All Inter-Ac
 Swimming  Tyler Juskalian  All Inter-Ac
 Swimming  Alex Zoldan  All Inter-Ac
 Wrestling  Greyson Catlow-Sidler  Second Team All Inter-Ac
 Wrestling  James Glomb  Second Team All Inter-Ac
 Wrestling  Tyler Mangan  Second Team All Inter-Ac
 Wrestling  Hugh Maley  Second Team All Inter-Ac


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