Summer Camp Registration Open

Summer Camp Registration Open

Penn Charter Summer Camps mixes it up this year with new one-week camps to complement its returning favorites: Day, Sports, Performing Arts and Varsity camps.

In Stop-Motion Animation, campers will create a short stop-motion animated film from start to finish. They will work together to develop a story, write a script, create characters, scenery and backdrops, and film a stop motion animation frame by frame. After filming is complete, campers will become voice actors, and add the dialogue to their film. The final film will be screened on the last day of camp, with families and friends welcome to attend.

Skateboarding Camp is an immersive intro to the sport, promoting camaraderie and skill development in a safe and fun setting. Through interactions with local skateboarders, skate shops and skateparks, campers will gain insights into the skateboarding community, inspiring them to explore the culture and history of the sport.

Girls in STEM aims to empower young girls, fostering their curiosity and confidence in STEM subjects in a supportive and inclusive learning environment. Campers will tackle challenges and ignite their problem-solving skills. This camp will have something for everyone with outdoor activities to explore art in nature as well as the science and technology of photography.

Good Eats Camp: The Science Behind Food combines artistry with chemistry. Learn about the science behind the dishes — molecules interacting with other molecules, creating the combinations of taste and texture that are sure to please.

Create your own schedule with a few weeks of Day Camp, Sports Camp or Performing Arts with Drumming, Minecraft, Girls Empowerment, Gaming, varsity camps in individual sports, and more. Experience everything!

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