Imagine. Discover. Connect.The library is the intellectual hearth of the school. We promote a culture of reading, the critical evaluation of resources, respect for intellectual property, and literacy skills. The libraries serve as a learning commons where community members come to learn, work, share ideas and knowledge. The libraries support diversity in our collections and practices.

"Libraries enrich and enhance our quality of life by providing access to information and opportunities to learn." Faith Ward, Director of Libraries

Key Characteristics

Penn Charter’s library is the oldest school library in the world. It serves as the intellectual hearth of the school, with its inviting spaces and many student and faculty presentations taking place. Due to strong school support, the library curates materials which offer mirrors and windows for our students and adults to see themselves and learn about the world. Working in partnership with departments across the school, the librarians help students learn how to use and evaluate information in print and digital forms. Promoting lifelong reading for all is an essential library goal.

Program Highlights

  • Voted by seniors as the best place at school to get work done; people can work in quiet window nooks or in comfortable collaborative areas in our beautiful library.
  • Ninth grade work on research skills mastery with many class and individual library visits during their Social Studies term papers.
  • Students pursuing an Independent Study work closely with librarians and their advisor in exploring their academic passions.

"I think the most beneficial aspect of the library is the librarians. They create an atmosphere where learning is desired and help is encouraged, not feared. Whether they are helping you find an article on Mesopotamia or a book on Lucie Aubrac in French, they are always happy to help." Haley Joyce, Class of 2019