A coed Friends school, pre-K to 12, on 47 acres in East Falls, Philadelphia



Preparing students to evaluate, create and collaborate in powerful ways.

Our department mission is to help faculty, staff, and students use technology to do their work. We do this in many ways. The Technology Department:

  • teaches technology skills and digital citizenship in an authentic, project-based manner
  • collaborates with faculty to integrate technology skills throughout the curriculum
  • energizes teaching by staying ahead of the curve, researching and sharing new ideas for class instruction, and providing one on one help when needed
  • works in a detail-minded and service-oriented way to build comfort with using technology
  • keeps systems stable to enable faculty, students, and staff to innovate
  • provides help when there is a problem and doing the proactive work needed to keep problems from happening in the first place

"I discovered my love for art and technology at PC, and my teachers helped me bring them together in class projects." Chris Stone OPC '10, 3d Artist at Riot Games, Los Angeles, CA

Key Characteristics

The Penn Charter Educational Technology Department's work is an integral part of a student's preparation for the future. Current initiatives include supporting cutting-edge IdeaLabs, driving forward a student laptop program, integrating digital video into class projects, creating project-based instruction on the use of current web tools, and helping students make safe choices using technology.

Program Highlights

Project-based technology. Classes in each division offer hands-on learning with a focus on safety, coding, digital citizenship and tech-tool learning experiences.

1:1 laptop program. All students in grades four through twelve are provided with a laptop to support active, student-centered learning in classes.

Learning management system. The PC Hub, as it's known on campus, is a web-based communication platform through which students and teachers can share information about curriculum, homework, grades, game schedules and more.

"The foundation of my understanding of how technology works and how to use it to do good comes from working with the people and cutting-edge technology at Penn Charter." Andy Nguyen OPC '16, Comcast Software Engineering Intern, UPenn Class of 2020.