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College Counseling

The College Counseling Office guides students through the complex and ever-changing world of college admissions.

There are more than 3,000 accredited colleges in the United States, in Canada, the U.K. and around the world. The variety among these colleges and universities is astounding. Our goal is to help each student identify a range of colleges suited to their abilities and needs.

Once a student has identified a group of colleges, our four-member staff will guide them through the admissions process so that, in the end, each student will have the benefit of college choices.

At Penn Charter, beginning in ninth grade, four experienced college counselors fortify families with data, strategies and encouragement during the increasingly complex college admissions process. Programming increases each year, centering on providing students the resources to effectively navigate the process and learn to advocate for themselves — key skills necessary for success once in college.

We work with each Penn Charter student to identify a range of colleges suited to their passions, abilities and needs.

This graphic shows just a sample of recent college choices for our graduates.