Junior Seminar

During the second semester of the junior year, students are required to attend an assigned class (non-credit, non-graded) led by a college counselor called College Counseling Junior Seminar. The seminar aims to help develop critical thinking skills and independence in students as they reflect on their goals and aspirations for college. The course focuses on three distinct phases of the college process from The College Conversation (Steinberg, Furda): Discovery, Search and Application. Students will also workshop components of the application including the Common Application Activities Section, essays and self-reported academic transcripts.  By developing skills in self-assessment, research on college communities (including financial fit), and drafting applications, our juniors will head into the summer months with momentum to make significant progress in their college process. 

Senior Seminar

During the first quarter of the senior year, students are required to attend an assigned class (non-credit, non-graded), led by a college counselor, called College Counseling Senior Seminar. The seminar aims to continue through the phases of the college search process as covered in the Junior Seminar: Discovery, Search, and Application, with the addition of understanding the Decision phase as students receive admission results.  The Seminar will continue to refine content on the importance of authentic self-representation and fit between individual student reflections and their research on specific college communities.  College affordability and the financial aid process are also reviewed as students finalize their college lists and application plan strategies, including Rolling Admission, Early Action/Decision, and Regular Decision.