First Grade

Building upon curiosity, knowledge and friendship for exceptional growth.

Our goal is to foster the natural curiosity of first graders through literature, observation, hands-on activities and research. Our academic focus throughout the school year is to develop independent readers, storytellers and authors, and to challenge students in the exploration and manipulation of numbers. We support the children's navigation of social dynamics and conflict resolution. By the year’s end, they will have an understanding of how they can be of service to those in need and a sense of accomplishment for having helped others.

Every year, PC's first grade celebrates International Mother Language Day by inviting family and friends to their classroom for an afternoon of multicultural learning and exchange.


Key Characteristics

  • Students are encouraged to explore in-depth new mathematical concepts and to take risks while building their skill set.

  • With the support of Fundations and Just Right Books, students are exposed to various genres of text and challenged to develop their literacy through the entire year.

  • Throughout the extensive project-based social studies unit, students gain an understanding of the similarities and differences between the culture of rural West Africa and life in North America. This is achieved with hands-on projects, research and reflection.

Curricular Highlights

Research fundamentals. First graders are introduced to the basics of academic research through an in-depth study of animal populations.

Service learning. Through a partnership with Cradles to Crayons, first graders are given the opportunity to learn about the needs of others and how they can make a difference.

Field trips, like this one to Solebury Orchards, are essential for creating a sense of community and camaraderie among the first grade class.