Health, Wellness & Sexuality

Creating a foundation for lifelong health and wellness. 

We partner with our students in building a foundation for lifelong health, wellness and healthy sexuality through our pre-K-12 curriculum and programming. By creating opportunities for students to build self-love, confidence and advocacy skills, we foster communities of care that support holistic health. 

Targeting the unique developmental needs of each grade, our curriculum engages students in foundational concepts in overall health, personal wellness, and human sexuality that will build throughout a student’s time at Penn Charter. 

Second graders in a circle get a lesson on bike safety


Key Characteristics

  • Social-emotional learning focused on the areas of self-awareness, self-management, and relationship skills.
  • Introducing health topics with the goal of developing an intrinsic investment in making healthy choices. 
  • Developing wellness strategies and tactics students can utilize when needing support.

Health: At Penn Charter, we explore topics such as personal health, safety, injury prevention, violence prevention, and nutrition.

Wellness: We want our students to have the skills to pursue a healthy, joyful, and active life, both while at PC and into adulthood. Wellness topics include social and emotional health, mindfulness strategies, and exploring feelings and emotions.

Sexuality: Sexuality encompasses nearly every aspect of our being, from our attitudes and values to our feelings and experiences. Our Lower School program focuses on developmentally targeted and medically accurate information on topics like bodies, human reproduction, bodily autonomy, consent, and puberty. Additionally, our program emphasizes diversity and inclusion of all types of families, relationships, gender identities, and sexual orientations. 

"Children are learning about health, wellness, sexuality, and gender from the time that they are born. Devoting time to these important areas in school provides the youngest members of our community with cognitively appropriate information they'll lean on throughout their lives." - Wayne Grinwis, Lower School Health, Wellness and Sexuality Teacher

Penn Charter Lower School teacher Wayne Grinwis smiles at camera