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1:1 Laptop Program for 4th and 5th Grades

The use of technology is an integral part of our fourth and fifth grade curriculum and is essential to the goals of excellence, innovation and collaboration found in Penn Charter's Strategic Plan. Students in the Lower School fourth and fifth grade community receive a Samsung Google Chromebook as a part of his/her school resources to be used both at school and at home. Each child is assigned a Chromebook for which he/she is responsible. Along with the Chromebook, each child is also provided a power adapter and a Chromebook case. Each school-provided Chromebook and power adapter is labeled and linked to the student to whom it is loaned. 

There are both student and family responsibilities.

Student  Responsibilities

  • Students are responsible for safely bringing their Chromebooks to/from school, keeping them in good condition and fully charged for school use. 
  • Students are not to write on or apply anything directly to school-provided Chromebooks or cases. Students should use zipper pulls or tags to identify their cases. 
  • Students should transport their Chromebooks in the cases provided when moving around school and to/from home.
  • Students may not allow anyone else to use their Chromebook, or Penn Charter account.
  • Student Chromebooks and Penn Charter Google accounts are for school work only.

Family Responsibilities

  • School-provided Chromebooks are to be returned to school during summer vacation. A fee may be charged for school-provided Chromebooks that were defaced and/or need cleaning at the end of the school year.
  • Families are responsible for paying a replacement fee of $250 for a school-provided Chromebook that is lost or stolen.
  • Out-of-warranty repairs will incur the charge of the needed repairs, not to exceed the $250 replacement fee.

Penn Charter Technical Support Responsibilities

  • First-level support (assistance with connecting to school network; using school online accounts; simple, as in 20 minutes or less, troubleshooting) will be provided by the PC Technology Department.
  • Second-level support (hardware repair; issues requiring more than than 20 minutes troubleshooting) will require support from the manufacturer/warranty issuer. The PC Technology Department will facilitate second-level support needs for school-provided Chromebooks. In-warranty repairs will incur no charge to families. Out-of-warranty repairs will incur the charge of the needed repairs not to exceed the $250 replacement fee.