A coed Friends school, pre-K to 12, on 47 acres in East Falls, Philadelphia


LS Student Use of Technology

As members of the Penn Charter community, a Quaker school learning community, Lower School students will do their best to follow the testimonies of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality and stewardship. Therefore, they will:

  • Respect the work and information of other people, whether online or in print, and give proper credit to the author/artist of any work created by anyone other than themselves.

  • Respect teachers, classmates, the Lower School community, and their family by only using technology tools, including Chromebooks, laptops, iPads and/or the Internet, when given permission by a teacher at home or a parent/guardian when not at school.

  • Get permission from a teacher to take any pictures, videos or audio recordings during the school day (incluing Early Morning Care, Enrichment, and the After-School Program). Students may not post any pictures/videos/recordings unless given permission by a teacher, and only then to school-approved sites. Students may not take any photos or videos at any time, for any reason, while in transit to/from school on school-provided transportation.

  • Be good stewards of the school’s tools and resources, including computers and other technology tools.

  • Only use their Penn Charter Google account for school work as assigned by a teacher.

  • Honor the responsibility of having a Penn Charter Google account by not sharing their username and password with anyone.

  • Immediately notify a teacher or parent/guardian if they accidentally access "inappropriate websites" whether at school or at home.

Fourth and fifth grade students have additional responsibilities specific to the 1:1 Chromebook Program; additionally, all Lower School students must follow the guidelines regarding E-readers and Cell Phones.