Physical Education

These are the years when positive learning experiences establish the foundation for lifelong fitness and health for all students.

Lower School Physical Education provides a structured and safe atmosphere in which to develop healthy habits for life. We expose students to a broad range of games, activities and sports while embracing the importance of teamwork, strategy, problem-solving and skill development.

Physical Education allows children to work on social skills, maximize their physical fitness and have fun.

Key Characteristics

  • Developing basic fitness, locomotor skills and sportsmanship.

  • Learning fitness safety through spatial awareness and proper use of equipment.

  • Creating a sense of teamwork through games, activities and problem-solving.

  • Instilling lifelong healthy habits.

Curricular Highlights

Age-appropriate learning. Our youngest students begin to develop spatial awareness and agility using simple foot patterns, laying the foundation for more complex physical activities.

Sport-based curriculum. By fourth and fifth grade, students begin to learn the fundamentals of sports that are offered in Middle and Upper Schools.

Team-building exercises. Students are exposed to the concepts of teamwork and overcoming adversity through collaborative physical challenges.

Each spring, Lower School students participate in the school-wide tradition of Color Day, an afternoon of intra-school competition and camaraderie that dates back to 1892.