Slowing the pace to explore, wonder, play, share, listen, create, process, rethink and connect.

Our goal is for children to experience the joy of working, playing and being together as they begin their journey as lifelong learners. Through playful explorations, a world of dynamic creativity and ownership of one's ideas is developed, cultivated and nurtured.

"The atmosphere in the pre-K classroom is filled with love and inspiration to learn and grow through diverse learning options and outstanding teachers. My children have left pre-K with fond memories of their experiences and knowledge to excel in their future.” Katie Plaza, parent

Key Characteristics

Teachers and children work collaboratively in a cooperative, interpersonal spirit to:

  • Foster "habits of mind"

  • Provide different approaches to learning

  • Nurture social and emotional development

  • Enhance children's cognitive understanding of their world

Curricular Highlights

Hands-on learning. Our curriculum, influenced by the acclaimed Reggio Emilia schools in Northern Italy, encourages children to explore, discover and transform materials to reflect their thinking. We consider the environment a third teacher, and the pre-K classroom includes a studio space for child-led exploration.

Focus on engagement. Project-based learning emerges from the children’s interests and passions. We believe that children are active learners motivated to make sense of their environment, explore problems and construct knowledge about things that hold an intrinsic attraction.

Personalized instruction. Observant teachers encourage students to verbalize and represent their ideas as they guide and support productive thinking and deeper understandings. Combining research, theory and experience, we value what, where and how children learn.

“I wanted to send this photo from Little Stream because it seems to encapsulate everything about Graeme's first year at PC—above all, the cultivation of a sense of curiosity and wonder. “ Juliet Geldi, parent