Second Grade

Independence, organization and personal responsibility.

Our hope for students as they leave second grade is that they have become autonomous problem-solvers who are passionate about learning and value the educational process. We want our students to see themselves as flexible mathematicians, creative writers and life-long lovers of reading. We cultivate their social and emotional growth, create a safe place to take risks and emphasize the development of the whole child.

The Lower School IdeaLab is a space for exploration, collaboration and inspiration. There, second graders have access to a variety of tools—both electronic and traditional—to supplement their creativity and learning.

Key Characteristics

  • Instruction that is individualized, meets students where they are and advances their progress.

  • Research-based programs and models.

  • Projects that inspire creativity and collaboration.

  • Recognizing "that of God in everyone,” fostering the Quaker Testimonies and bringing them to life in the classroom.

Curricular Highlights

Modern-day technology. Students complement their social studies and Spanish curriculum with a virtual “flight” to Costa Rica.

Elder and Child Program. In this inter-generational program, students become friends with Penn Charter community seniors, each sharing about their lives and hopes; and then collaborate on service projects.

Talking Peace Kites Project. Second graders collaborate with their fifth grade peers to design and fly kites displaying personalized messages of peace.

As a culmination of the Talking Peace Kites project, second graders and their fifth grade peers travel to Belmont Hills to put their designs to the test.