Preparing students to evaluate, create and collaborate in safe and powerful ways.

Our department teaches technology skills and digital citizenship in an authentic, project-based manner. We collaborate with faculty to integrate technology skills throughout the curriculum, energizing teaching by staying ahead of the curve, researching and sharing new ideas for class instruction, and providing one-on-one help when needed. We work in a detail-minded and service-oriented way to build comfort with using technology.

The use of computers, software, audio and visual equipment is integrated into many aspects of the Lower School curriculum, allowing students to gain not only essential technological skills but also an appreciation of technology as a powerful learning tool and medium for expression.

Key Characteristics

Lower School Technology is an integral part of a student's preparation for the future. Current initiatives include:

  • using the Lower School IdeaLab for cutting-edge teaching and learning  

  • helping students make safe choices using technology

  • integrating digital tools into class projects

  • creating project-based instruction on the use of current web tools

Curricular Highlights

Project-based technology. Technology classes in each grade use a hands-on approach with a focus on safety, coding, digital citizenship and tech-tool learning experiences.

Foundational skills. Lower School students are introduced to the design thinking process and basics of engineering and robotics.

1:1 laptop program. Beginning in third grade, all students are given their own laptops in order to support active, student-centered learning in classes.

Over time, students gain an increasing level of competency in keyboarding, research, publishing and design. In all grades, technology becomes a real tool in students’ work in multiple disciplines, including art, math, writing and social studies