Third Grade

The year of independence.

Third grade students are encouraged to become more self-directed in their learning, to strive for fact fluency in all operations, and to make the transition from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.”

During the annual Invention Convention, third graders meet with peers from local Friends schools to present their invention prototypes and explain their design thinking process.


Key Characteristics

  • In Math, third graders use concrete materials and bar models to help them grasp abstract concepts. Third graders work on basic long division and multiplication, and addition and subtraction of numbers up to 10,000.

  • Students are exposed to a variety of literary genres, including folktales, biographies and nonfiction. They practice expository writing and fiction writing in a workshop-based setting.

  • Third graders engage in project-based learning in Social Studies. They conduct interdisciplinary research into historical figures and foreign countries and cultures.

Curricular Highlights

Local history. Through folktales and a visit to Churchville Nature Center, third graders learn about the culture and lifestyle of the Lenape Indians.

Inspiration through research. Third graders get inspired by learning about people who have made a difference in the world. Each student practices research and writing skills by studying a change maker’s life in depth.

Engagement beyond the classroom. Third graders learn about diversity by discussing current immigration issues and inviting immigrant families to share how they came to live in Pennsylvania.

Lower School students have the opportunity to perform twice every year on the Kurtz Center stage under the direction of music teacher Margaret Lea. Concerts are as much fun for student performers as they are for the audience.