Health, Wellness & Sexuality

Fostering a positive mindset and sustainable habits during a period of growth and change.

We partner with our students in building a foundation for lifelong health, wellness, and healthy sexuality through our pre-K to 12 curriculum and programming. By creating opportunities for students to build self-love, confidence and advocacy skills, we foster communities of care that support holistic health.

Community is at the heart of the middle school health, wellness, and sexuality curriculum. Students practice skills related to consent and healthy relationships in real time through the way they interact with each other in the classroom. 

Teacher Emma stands at the front of 7th grade health class. she wears a mask.


Key Characteristics

  • Throughout their Middle School experience, students will engage with a variety of developmentally targeted health-related topics, including self-esteem, nutrition, healthy relationships, decision making and human sexuality. 
  • The classroom culture in Middle School health classes is rooted in an understanding of community building in order to create a safe and respectful learning environment. 

Curricular Highlights

  • 6th Grade Health: 6th graders will engage with an introduction to middle school health, wellness, and sexuality, with an emphasis on self-esteem, healthy habits, and fostering healthy communities.
  • 7th Grade Health: 7th graders take a human sexuality course, where they will learn and discuss topics such as puberty, anatomy, consent, STI prevention, and contraception.
  • Choices: 8th graders take a health class titled “Choices”, wherein they build upon prior knowledge to focus on healthy decision making, mental health, healthy relationships, and media literacy. 

“Health, wellness, and sexuality impacts every area of our lives. The Quaker testimonies of integrity, equality, and community allow us to teach these important topics in a way that honors the light of every member of our community and classroom” - Emma Cohen-Westbrooke, Chair of the Health, Wellness and Sexuality Department