Physical Education

Fostering a lifetime of wellness.

Students learn and practice health enhancing behaviors, maintain a level of personal fitness, and develop skills through a variety of activities in Health and PE classes at Penn Charter. These goals aid in promoting our student’s own physical and emotional well-being, while helping to foster a lifetime of wellness.

“Physical Education gives our students the foundation to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle as they mature and grow. Our curriculum shows students what it means to live a healthy lifestyle and how to maintain that throughout their lives.” Rick Mellor, former Health and PE faculty

Key Characteristics

  • The pre-K through 12th grade physical education curriculum offers developmentally targeted skills and activities.
  • Students are introduced to a wide range of courses, including movement education and games, water safety and aquatics education, outdoor education, fitness education, recreational activities, yoga, tai chi and mindfulness education.
  • Our classroom atmosphere encourages self-discipline, respect for all and collaboration with others.
  • Our health education program includes safety prevention, disease awareness, substance abuse education, decision making to reduce health risks, and education on peer pressure and decision making.

Curricular Highlights

FitnessGram testing. We assess students' overall health using the metrics of the Cooper Institute's acclaimed FitnessGram program, a "non-competitive health-related fitness assessment."


Sports and games. Middle School students are exposed to recreational activities of all kind, from mainstream sports like basketball and soccer to lesser-known favorites like Gatorball and Tchoukball.


Aquatics. Eighth graders learn basic swimming techniques and water safety protocol in Penn Charter's state-of-the art aquatics facilities.

“Our physical education class gave students a break from the classroom to do fun activities with our peers.” Kyle Jones, Class of 2019