Student Activities and Clubs

Find your footing, expand your mindset, and explore your passions in a club!

Art Club

Faculty Advisor: Jennifer Chernak
A group for students who want to learn more about the basic principles of design and want additional experience in creating a variety of 2-D and 3-D art projects.

Basketball Club

Faculty Advisor: Peter Shaifer
For sixth graders who would like to work on skills and bonding over basketball.

Book Club

Faculty Advisor: Shelby Tucker
A space for students who have love of literature in a positive, flexible environment. We will decide as a community what books we would like to read and discuss and explore a diversity of genres and themes throughout the year.

Christian Affinity Group

Faculty Advisor: James Fiorile
This group meets to focus on the Christian faith with a reading/discussion each month around a devotional. Students bring their lunch but are often treated with donuts.

Diversity Club

Faculty Advisors: James Fiorile and Holly Silberman
Students in this club will engage with the topic of diversity both in our school community and in the larger world. The Diversity Club is student-clerked, and students will take the lead in deciding what specific topics we focus on and what the end products of our work are (e.g., newsletters, podcasts, assembly presentations, special events for students).

Dodgeball Club

Faculty Advisor: Peter Shaifer
You guessed it: A group for sixth graders to play various forms of dodgeball games.

Doodling Club

Faculty Advisor: Hannah Horton
Students draw and talk to each other and occasionally learn how to draw certain things. Students are encourage to express their interests.

Dungeons & Dragons Club

Faculty Advisor: James Fiorile
For fans of the game or those who want to learn!

Food Club

Faculty Advisor: Susan Chan-Peter
This club provides students the opportunity to explore different cultural cuisines, while also learn how to make them.

French Club

Faculty Advisor: Nicole Duffy
Students will explore aspects of Francophone culture, language, geography, history and literature to expand their ability to make cultural connections and comparisons. We may watch films, taste regional cuisine, study art, make our own art, listen to French music or read traditional stories. We may also take virtual field trips to museums, tourist attractions or cities around the world.

Future City Club

Faculty Advisor: Susan Chan-Peter
A group for students who are interested in making the world a better place. Students will imagine, research, design and build cities of the future that showcase their solution to a sustainability issue – climate change is this year's theme – in a city-wide competition in January. 40-hour activity.

Idea Lab Mini-Courses

Faculty Advisors: Lisa Finley and Cory Kilbane
Mini-courses that focus on programming, 3-D printing and laser cutting, and robotics that utilize the technology in our Idea Lab. Offerings are typically week-long mini-courses that occur after school at various points of the year, often between sports seasons. Opportunities will be shared to students in assemblies and in communications to families via Parent Post and require sign-ups since space is typically limited. More info. *Can become a 40-hour activity with enough mini-courses.

Jazz BandFaculty Advisor: Bradford Schoener
The group explores different areas of jazz, including basic blues progressions, rhythms and styles. The ensemble typically meets before school throughout the school year and performs in the winter and spring concerts and potentially at other school events. Sixth graders with prior musical experience may join with the permission of the band director.

Junior Model UN

Faculty Advisor: Ryan Aponte
A group for students who are interested in current events, learning about the world, and debating. Students role play as representatives from various countries to develop solutions to current world issues. In addition to club meetings that occur during designated club activity blocks throughout the year, participants also engage in several programs organized by the World Affairs Council, including a city-wide UN simulation in the spring.


Faculty Advisor: Jen Ketler
A group for students who love math. We practice problems individually, then we go over the answers as a group. We compete in the Philadelphia chapter and advance to the state competition in Harrisburg if we do well.

Math Mentorship

Need or want some support with math? Get help from Alexandra Will and Owen Miner, Upper School students who have gone through middle school math! Use this form to sign up. The meetings can be in-person or virtual and can be scheduled to fit your schedule (before school, during homeroom/study hall, after school, or even during nights/weekends. Sessions can be set up for a one-time meeting or on a regular basis.


Faculty Advisor: Señor Calvo
A club to share ideas, conversation and our personal choice in movies. We will watch short films, music videos, and exchange ideas. Above all, we will have fun being with one another, chatting, and sharing suggestions for things to do.


Faculty Advisor: Hannah Horton
The Middle School Sexuality and Gender Alliance club is dedicated to creating a safe space to share experiences and work on projects that support an equitable and empathetic Middle School community. We welcome students of all identities who would like to help develop a Middle School that is inclusive for LGBTQIA+ community members.

Sewing Club

Faculty Advisor: Jennifer Chernak
Learn how to do basic sewing techniques, including embroidery, hand sewing, finger knitting, etc. During winter learn how to finger knit a hat and make a quilt; all these items will be donated to a homeless shelter. During spring I will teach how to embroider and how to hand-sew stuffies to donate to an orphanage.

Sports Reporters

Faculty Advisor: Brian Hecker
Interested in sports reporting? This group will help to create videos for morning homeroom that share updates on our PC sports seasons. There will be various ways to be involved — capturing content at games, putting together info, anchoring a recorded broadcast, etc. Depending on role, meeting times and expectations will vary. See Felix! Robinson with questions.

Student Government

Faculty Advisor: Jim Pilkington
Homeroom representatives are selected in homerooms in October and will serve as part of this group, which will be involved in decision-making related to student life (i.e. spirit, service, Quakerism).

Ultimate Frisbee Club

Faculty Advisor: Richard DeSalvo
Come learn the basics of Frisbee-throwing and enjoy learning how to play ultimate with some like-minded folks.

Volleyball Club

Faculty Advisors: Renée Gunning and Damon Leedale-Brown
An opportunity for students to develop their knowledge and skills in the game of volleyball through technical drills and games. The ability to communicate and work effectively as a team are key elements for success in volleyball.

Wrestling Club

Faculty Advisor: Peter Schaifer