A  coed Friends school, pre-K to 12, on 47 acres in East Falls, Philadelphia


Student Activities and Clubs

Find your footing, expand your mindset, and explore your passions in a club!

The Nothing and Everything Club

Faculty Advisor: Señor Calvo
This club offers the opportunity for online and physical students to interact with each other and help online students not feel so isolated. Students might talk about new music or tv shows, what's happening in the world and/or our personal lives, and a chance for younger students to ask eighth graders about their experiences in MS. The purpose of this club would be to have no purpose at all, to be able to talk to others about whatever we want. Overall, this club would be an opportunity for people in person and people at home to be able to connect with their classmates and friends


Faculty Advisor: TBD
Al-GRL-rithms is designed to challenge and encourage girls to love critical thinking and working together with the goal to boost mathematical curiosity and confidence.

Book Club

Faculty Advisor: Judith Hill
Come talk about books, movies and life.

Green Club

Faculty Advisors: Ms. Chernak and Ms. Wallmuth
Open to all who are concerned about a healthy planet! Come and discuss green spaces, recycling, composting, clean water & air, environmental trends, sustainable farming & eco-friendly eating choices, and real ways each person can make a difference. 


Faculty Advisor: Señor Calvo
A club to share ideas, conversation and our personal choice in movies. We will watch short films, music videos, and exchange ideas. Above all, we will have fun being with one another, chatting, and sharing suggestions for things to do.

Math Counts

Faculty Advisor: Jen Ketler
Practicing fun math problems! There will be opportunity to compete in a virtual competitions.

Wrestling and Workout Club

Faculty Advisor: Peter Shaifer
You don't need to know how to wrestle. This is a great way to be active, move your feet, exercise and get stronger. 

Service Club

Faculty Advisors: Sharon Ahram and Allen Vandegrift
To strengthen our participation in civic engagement and stewardship in Philadelphia, build momentum and positivity around giving to others, and to spend time learning about social issues that matter most to YOU! #SNOWBALL

Student Governance

Faculty Advisors: Allen Vandegrift, Wilson Felter, Reneé Gunning
Student leaders are elected by their peers. The group will hold meetings with the whole governance team, small group meetings within the team, and grade level meetings with homeroom representatives. We will plan different activities for grade levels and whole school community events.

Middle School Jazz Band

Faculty Advisors: Bradford Schoener and Brad Ford
Come join our middle school instrumentalists in performing a wide variety of music including pop, rock, funk, latin, jazz, big band, you name it we play it! The MS Jazz Band is open to all 6th-8th graders and invites students to expand their musical horizons by playing different instruments and styles


Faculty Advisors: Alice Bateman and Charlie Brown
Students Against Gun Violence (SAGV) meets to discuss how we can make a positive impact in our communities in regards to gun violence. All are welcome! 

MS Diversity Club

Faculty Advisors: Holly Silberman and Shelby Tucker
Meet to discuss issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in Penn Charter and around the world. Diversity Club is a safe place for everyone to come together as one to work for the greater good of everyone.

Jr. Model UN

Faculty Advisor: Jim Pilkington

Junior Model UN is the middle school version of Model UN where students role play various countries to develop solutions to a current world issue. This year’s theme is focused on health and healthcare (“Ensuring Healthy Lives and Promoting Well-Being for All”). We’ll have the opportunity to be involved with other schools in the city during some (virtual) conferences. If you are interested in current events/issues, learning about the world, and crafting arguments and debating, Junior Model UN will be right up your alley!

Car Club

Faculty Advisor: Bradford Schoener
Come join this fast-paced crew in appreciating, enjoying, and talking shop about the latest car trends. What is your favorite car? Do you follow motorsports such as Formula 1, Nascar, Indycar, etc? Maybe you just enjoy doing online racing with your friends! Regardless, come join us in appreciation of all that is motorsports and auto racing. 

Young Women's Empowerment Club

Faculty Advisors: Christy Pearsall and Katie Martin
This club is a place for all genders to gain more awareness, confidence, and be educated about the issues young women are facing today. We will gain knowledge about current activism, including hearing from local guest speakers. Our goal for this club is to empower anyone who joins to be independent, and be able to express what they think from their own brilliant minds.