Visual Art and Design

Testing boundaries, investigating new approaches, making connections.

These, and having plenty to say, are part of the Middle School student's toolbox let loose in the art room.

Middle School art classes offer two- and three-dimensional projects that encourage creativity, freedom and skill building. Through exercises in drawing, painting, printmaking, clay, and mixed media and design, students learn how visual arts are an effective form of personal expression. Projects are designed so students have the opportunity to take appropriate risks, solve problems, and articulate and celebrate the beauty of their own art.

“If the painting were a community, it would represent how some parts of the community are mellow and soft, and some parts of the community are chaotic and loud. My painting connects to equality because the shades of blue that I used are mixed together to show that every person is equal, but each person is different at the same time, just like each shade of blue." Lexi B., Class of 2023

Key Characteristics

  • Introduction to the principles of art and design
  • Instruction on safe use of materials and effective art process
  • Experiences with large- and small-scale work
  • Exploration of personal passions and interests
  • Group critiques for feedback and reflection
  • Conceptual art projects that illustrate Quaker principles

Curricular Highlights

  • Animal watercolor paintings
  • Abstract drawing and painting
  • Color theory
  • Large clay vessels
  • Perspective drawing
  • Block printing
  • Mixed-media sculpture
  • Handbuilding with clay

“We strive to extend the creative imagination of students through visual experiences.” Randy Granger, Visual Art teacher