Health, Wellness & Sexuality

Making empowered and informed decisions.

We partner with our students in building a foundation for lifelong health, wellness, and healthy sexuality through our pre-K to 12 curriculum and programming. By creating opportunities for students to build self-love, confidence and advocacy skills, we foster communities of care that support holistic health.

Answering the questions that help our students thrive.

Teacher Emma stands at the front of 7th grade health class. she wears a mask.


Key Characteristics

  • “Who do I want to be in this community?” The US curriculum balances teaching relevant health information with allowing students to explore their personal values around health and wellness topics. 
  • Real-life application: through roleplay, scenarios, and case studies, students bring the topics out of theory and into real-world application. 

Curricular Highlights

  • 9th Grade Health: Through a harm-reduction framework 9th graders will explore topics related to drugs, alcohol, LGBTQ identities, and healthy sexuality. Students will explore their values and personal boundaries in order to make informed decisions and prepare for the future. 
  • 10th Grade Health: 10th grade students focus on topics affecting their everyday lives, and prepare to make healthy decisions in the future. Units include mental health, healthy relationships, drugs & alcohol use, and sexual health. 

During a time when the sometimes conflicting forces of friends, family, and personal values inform decision-making, we create health, wellness, and sexuality classroom environments that center wellness and individual choice. 


Graduation Requirements

9th Grade Health: one-quarter course required in 9th grade.
10th Grade Health: one-quarter course required in 10th grade.

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