Moving Beyond AP

After much study, Penn Charter has decided to move beyond the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) program in favor of our own rigorous advanced courses that provide for innovative teaching and deeper exploration of content areas.

This decision better aligns our academic program with our vision of educating students to live lives that make a difference. Below are some of the most salient details related to this decision. 
  • Our two-year process was led by a committee of administrators, faculty from various departments, and representation from our College Counseling office.
  • The Class of 2025 will be the last students to access official AP courses at Penn Charter, and we will begin to develop and add to our own advanced courses over the next several years. 
  • We do this with the complete support of our College Counseling colleagues and confidence that the absence of AP designation on college transcripts will have no adverse impact on our students.
  • In moving beyond AP, we join many other excellent independent schools in our area and in the country.

Penn Charter’s Strategic Vision compels us to think differently about how we prepare our students “not only for college but for life in a complex and changing world.” Given these two realities, we, as educators, cannot stand still. We need to consistently question, assess and evaluate the programs, policies and practices that define a Penn Charter education.

In support of the ultimate goal of providing the best possible educational experience, we need to: affirm and support what we do well; eschew what is no longer effective; and strengthen our program to maximize student potential. This is exactly what our Strategic Vision asks of us. 

We welcome you to explore our process, research and reasoning.