Performing Arts

There is a performer in everyone.

Our mission is to create opportunities that provide students with a positive experience across an array of performance disciplines. Students in every division should have a meaningful experience that prepares them for a future of participation in the performing arts.

"We encourage all students to develop an appreciation for the craft—from process to product—as an ephemeral art form that a student can enjoy in the classroom, on the stage, or from the audience. Growing from their gained appreciation, our students also learn to apply skills from this art form into numerous aspects of life."  Eva Kay Noone, theater teacher

Key Characteristics

Our instructional goals include building a foundation of skills that supports understanding and appreciation for the Performing Arts.

Music: Instrumental and Choral

  • Promoting music literacy
  • Developing technical skills
  • Helping students see value in artistry
  • Providing a variety of performance opportunities and venues, including plays, musicals, concerts and jazz festivals


Theater and Filmmaking

  • Exploring improvisation and acting styles
  • Writing scripts and screenplays
  • Understanding the history and philosophy of both documentary and narrative film
  • Using technical elements such as lights, sound, scenery and costumes to support live performance


Curricular Highlights

Ensembles. Performing artists at PC can participate in an array of ensembles like Jazz Band, String Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, and Boys and Girls A Cappella.

Showcase. Several times per semester, this intimate, student-run performance venue provides opportunities for students to share their creative work with peers.

Theater and filmmaking electives. Upper School students can hone their acting, directing, writing and producing skills with through our catalog of theater and filmmaking electives.

"Anyone can get involved in the performing arts at Penn Charter. For some, it’s a breath of fresh air in an academically and athletically rigorous routine. For others, it’s the spark that awakens the inner artist and dares them to dream bigger." Nic Hanson OPC '13


Graduation Requirements

Students are required to take at least one semester of Performing Arts. Students who participate in either Charter Singers or Symphonic Band for two consecutive years, or  four consecutive semesters, can also fulfill the Performing Arts requirement. Classes are open to all students, and most do not require any previous skill or experience. Those wishing to pursue Symphonic Band are encouraged either to have prior experience on a wind or percussion instrument or to contact Brad Ford, Upper School band director at to discuss instrument lesson options.

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