Senior Comprehensive Project


The Senior Comprehensive Project is a graduation requirement for seniors during the spring of their senior year at Penn Charter. This opportunity allows students to participate in a program that integrates traditional academic disciplines with “real world” settings, issues and topics. It’s a chance to explore a situation in the world of business, service, manual trades, education or the arts.  

The Senior Comprehensive Project begins with the exploration of an issue and formation of an essential question in a field of study that interests the student. This process will begin formally in October. A faculty mentor and an on-site supervisor need to be selected and confirmed by January. Readings, journal writing and research on the topic are required. Students will write reflections on their on-site experiences and give a formal presentation about their project to an audience.

The faculty mentor, the on-site supervisor and an outside expert will evaluate the student’s project during senior presentations in early June. They will assess the quality of the journal entries, the final product and the presentation, as well as the student’s ability to meet the required time frames. Students will meet with their faculty mentors every other week and with their on-site supervisors every week.

Students need to consider transportation arrangements, transit time needed, equipment, appropriate attire and expenses such as parking, SEPTA and lunches. The director of the Upper School, the SCP coordinator and the student’s advisor are available to seniors to help provide guidance and support.