Visual Art and Design

Joyfully drawing forth the artist in every student.

The Visual Art and Design department strives to provide authentic, performance-based learning opportunities that celebrate each student’s abilities in creative expression.

"I have improved more than just my artistic skills in the Visual Arts programs at PC. Two of the most important skills that I picked up were not being afraid to completely start fresh, and having patience with myself. These skills have proven to reflect onto my academic life as well." Teddy Cavanagh, Class of 2020

Key Characteristics

The intention of our program is to extend and refine:

  • The creative imagination and aesthetic experience through a range of visual studies and studio opportunities.
  • Students’ understandings of visual and cultural literacy, while also developing facility in the use of visual language.
  • An awareness of the interconnectedness of the arts and design in our lives and as life-long learners.

Curricular Highlights

Traditional and contemporary techniques. Students may engage in art-making opportunities across a variety of media, ranging from the traditional (drawing, painting) to new and emerging technologies (textiles, digital design).

Integrative learning. The Visual Art and Design curriculum affords students opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration through the Junior Capstone and Senior Comprehensive Project, as well as through service learning work with the Center for Public Purpose.

Extracurriculars. A broad range of aesthetic opportunities are available to students within and beyond the stated curriculum. Visual Art and Design classes visit local workshops, maker spaces and museums to enrich the learning experience.

“We strive to extend the creative imagination of students through visual experiences.” Randy Granger, Visual Art teacher

Graduation Requirements


Students are required to take at least one semester of Visual Arts and Design. Only courses labeled as “Advanced” and AP have prerequisites. Generally, most classes are open to all students; please note that some courses do require previous skills, experience and/or prerequisites.

Advanced Placement:

Advanced Placement courses in studio art, based on the recommendations of the College Board, are offered for qualified students. Submission of the 2D, Drawing, or 3D portfolio(s) to the College Board are required of those students enrolled in the AP Studio course. Prerequisite: successful completion of one Visual Art and Design Studio course, good academic standing and the permission of the instructor.

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