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In the fall 2020, we created a live web series so you can "meet" students, teachers and administrators, learn about Penn Charter and ask your questions. Recordings can be found here.

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Penn Charter is working closely with health officials and monitoring transmission rates of the covid-19 Delta variant in our region. We hope to offer on-campus visits in the fall and continue to work on these plans.

If you haven't done so already, please let us know here that you are interested so you can have early notification about campus visit opportunities.

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It's not the same as hearing the buzz of engaged students, but drone footage and still photography capture the breadth of our campus and exceptional facilities. Take a virtual tour.

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The Admissions Office is "open" and families are welcome to contact us at 215-844-3460 ext. 103 or

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Watch videos of and read posts written by students in our PC Admissions Ambassadors Student Blog.

The Extraordinary 2020-21 Year

Penn Charter reopened to students in September. This is how it's working.


Reinventing Classic

A classic education has always been about gaining the keys of knowledge to unlock any door. In short, access to the world.

The difference at Penn Charter is that along with classic academic keys, we give students a Quaker moral compass to guide them and friends of all backgrounds with whom to travel and explore the world. We integrate the power of arts and athletics into a vigorous academic experience. We give students a culture of service and leadership in which to grow.

Classically educated, only better.

What Is the Penn Charter Difference?

Three A's: Academics, Arts, Athletics

Too often academics, arts, and athletics are pitted against one another. Penn Charter recognizes the worthiness of each. We’re a school with nationally recognized teachers and students in the sciences, visual arts, history, literature, music, writing, mathematics, languages and theater. We have a proud history of championship athletics with graduates who go on to be professional sports stars, Olympians, and NCAA recruits. Students here have mentors, programs, and state-of-the-art spaces in all three of our hallmark three A’s. Some achieve great heights in one area or another but every student has an extraordinary education in the process.

Quaker Moral Compass

Our Quaker values are about who our students are as developing adults. Our students are people who will run companies, shape economic policy, design new technologies, make scientific breakthroughs, and mentor future generations. When they are in these positions of power one day, we want them to be people who can use the Quaker values they learned at this school to inform their decisions. Simplicity and excellence. Tolerance and accountability. Reflection and rigor. These are the directions our Quaker compass takes students. It is an education that is more valuable in today’s world than perhaps ever before.

7 high school students cluster arm in arm looking at camera. Photo is from 1998.

A History of Access

When you walk through Penn Charter’s red doors there’s a reason our formal-looking school suddenly feels down to earth. Penn Charter was founded not for some people but for all people. It was one of the first schools to educate children of all religions and races, to educate girls, and to offer financial aid. It was a school for the public at a time when public schools didn’t exist. Today, families from more than 100 zip codes in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, from all backgrounds, cultures, faiths, and means are at home at Penn Charter. Our history of access has evolved over three centuries; this school was founded for the new world and that is as true today as it was in 1689. 

Timeless Skill Set

It is the combination of the three A’s – academics, arts, and athletics – plus the decision-making values of a Quaker education that creates an experience uniquely Penn Charter. And it is the embrace of this unique combination that gives our graduates a thinking skill set to excel. It is the reason they thrive at top colleges and make an impact in every field. Self reliance, healthy risk-taking, leadership, and a sense of responsibility to use one’s individual strengths and talents to contribute to the world is the direct result of the skills students develop here. It is a timeless skill set that endures, grows and sustains each graduate successfully throughout his or her entire life.

Synergy of People, Space, Resource

On 47 acres in the City you will find a green campus with state-of-the-art pre-K through 12th grade classes, laboratories, field houses and playing fields, and the fabulous Kurtz Center for the Performing Arts. Each division –  LowerMiddle and Upper – has its own age-appropriate building on campus. We focus on having “the right people on the bus” to lead and guide our school. Our teachers are people who like to stretch. They are innovators who inspire students with their own constant thirst for knowledge. Parents often talk about how much they would love to take the classes offered here because the faculty is such an exceptional group. A synergy of people, space and resources has made our mission of academic, artistic, and athletic excellence, Quaker values and access for students from all backgrounds a reality.

Boys soccer game in foreground with school building and clock tower in background.

Visionary Leadership

Never a school to rest on its laurels, we’re constantly thinking about what’s next. And we’re fortunate enough to have a leader to take us there. Head of School Darryl J. Ford is a leader in Quaker education and independent schools. His rise to leadership embodies all that Penn Charter has accomplished over the years and the promise of what is yet to come. Penn Charter's Board, a group established by William Penn to govern his school, is still responsible for the operation of PC.

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