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The Penn Charter admissions committee aims to holistically understand every applicant.  Through each step of the admissions process, we learn about the student's academic preparedness, passions and individuality.  We seek students who will be engaged in the challenges of their education with pride in their intellect, persistence, commitment and a sense of wonder.  Families are also an integral part of the process as we foster a community of engagement and diverse lived experiences. 

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A couple of Lower School boys working on an architecture class project with straws.

A program of cognitive and character development rooted in a rich knowledge of how young children learn best.

We know that children learn best when ideas are connected. We know that children learn by doing and by working together. So, our curriculum emphasizes interdisciplinary, collaborative, hands-on learning. Our students ask questions, think critically, write effectively, listen carefully and put all those pieces together.

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Two middle school girls walking on campus with lacrosse sticks.

Fostering intellectual, physical and emotional growth through an age-appropriate curriculum and a facility designed to support our learners.

Our curriculum, taught by a faculty devoted to teaching ages 11-14, reflects a department-based program enhanced by cross-cultural themes and projects with true intellectual weight. Students begin immediately to undertake tasks calling for more personal organization, study skills, critical thinking, and independent and group work.

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Upper School students playing trumpets in a band.

What would it mean to work at the edge of what you already know? To step out beyond the safe answers and the talents that have always come naturally? To pursue ideas with real depth?

Our vigorous college preparatory program is rooted in the breadth of the arts and sciences as well as new fields of inquiry and skills such as environmental issues, global awareness, commitment to community and technology.

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Explore Academic Life at Penn Charter

Functions and Trigonometry: Considering All the Angles

Functions and Trigonometry, an Upper School math course, is designed to reinforce and build upon topics learned in algebra and geometry, with an emphasis on problem solving, multiple representations of functions, and written and verbal communication skills.

Blonde third grade boy looks at camera as he plants in a garden

Third grade designed, created and planted a pollinator garden with curricular connetions.

High school boy demonstrates a forensic engineering stress test

Independent studies allow students to investigate a topic that they are interested in or passionate about that goes beyond PC’s Upper School course offerings.