Meet the Admissions Team

The Penn Charter Admissions Office has worked to make the admissions process efficient and easy-to-follow. Even so, there are times when you will need to ask questions. We welcome your calls and e-mails.

Naté Hall

White male holds a football that says 700 with high school players and uprights in background

Tom Coyle

White woman with blonde hair smiles at camera for school portrait

Jen Cubbin

Karen Hallowell

Mid twenties white woman with brown hair smiles at a camera. A tree is behind her.

Rachel Codkind OPC '11

John Zurcher

White male with brown hair and freckles about 25 smiles at camera for school portrait

Joe Sankey OPC '11

White woman with short gray hair and glasses smiles at camera for school portrait

Debbie McIlvaine

Lower School

Naté Hall: Associate Director of Admissions for Lower School, ext. 294,
Debbie McIlvaine: Administrative Assistant for Lower School Admissions, ext. 199,

Middle and Upper School

Karen Hallowell: Director of Admissions, ext. 104,
John Zurcher: Director of Financial Aid and Associate Director of Admissions, ext. 119,
Tom Coyle: Assistant Director of Admissions/Athletics Liaison, ext. 386,
Rachel Codkind OPC ‘11: Assistant Director of Admissions, Community Programs Liaison,
Joe Sankey OPC '11: Admissions Associate, ext. 311,
Jen Cubbin: Administrative Assistant to Middle and Upper School Admissions, ext. 103,

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